7 things you might not know about Kit Kat

1. Your name is inspired by a former London club

The story of the name of one of the world's most popular chocolates began well before the first chocolate bar was produced. “Kit Kat” was actually the name of a 17th century literary club made up of London intellectuals.

london club

2. The first manufacturer took a long time to launch the first chocolate

Since 1988, Kit Kat has been produced worldwide by Nestlé. Prior to its acquisition by the Swiss multinational, the chocolate was produced by the English company Rowntree's, which registered the names "Kit Kat" and "Kit Cat" in 1911 - almost 25 years before the launch of the first bar.

first chocolate

3. In the United States, who makes the candy is another giant in the industry

In 1988, Nestlé became entitled to produce Kit Kat worldwide. However, a previously signed agreement granted Hershey's the right to make chocolate on US territory.

industry giant

4. The intention is that she was the perfect dessert

The inventors of this chocolate-covered wafer bar figured that, since it was the ideal dessert, its shape should fit perfectly into the lunchbox of its potential consumers.

perfect dessert

5. She is also ideal for tea time

But more than an after-lunch treat, chocolate has also been thought of as the perfect accompaniment to a good cup of tea. Proof of this is this ad, aired in the 1930s.

tea time

6. World War II changed the composition of chocolate.

Due to the lack of milk during World War II, Rowntree's began producing the candy only with dark chocolate and, to indicate the change, the product was wrapped in blue packaging.

chocolate composition

7. In Japan, there are several different flavors of Kit Kat.

As we have already shown here In the Land of the Rising Sun, you can find the candy bar in various versions: from strawberry and pear to sweet potato and green tea.

different from Kit Kat