7 curiosities about the movie “The Blue Lagoon” [video]

The movie "The Blue Lagoon" was released in 1980 and stirred the libido of many people who followed the numerous reruns in the Afternoon Session. Check now 7 curiosity about it:

1. Book based

Author Henry De Vere Stacpoole has written a trilogy about the Blue Lagoon that focuses heavily on the culture of the Polynesian people, only that part of it has been practically cut from the movies to show the lost young people on the island paradise.

2. Previous adaptations

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous movies of the Afternoon Session and was released in 1980. What few people know is that there are two previous and very old versions. The first of these was made in 1923, still in black and white. Already the second movie is from 1949!

3. Brooke Shields' near nudity

Actress Brooke Shields was only 14 when she shot the movie and that was a big problem for the producers, as she appears topless in many scenes. To avoid any kind of controversy in this sense, the way was to stick her hair so that nothing appeared unintentionally on the big screen.

4. Brooke Shields Age

Of course the age of the actress would still cause much controversy when the movie was released. And there was no other! Fortunately Brooke Shields said a few years later that she had no problem making her scenes and at times when it looks like the movie is on fire she was replaced by a body double.

5. Iguana

The recordings were made on the islands of Fiji, a tiny country near Australia. In countless moments an iguana appears while the camera shows scenes of that paradise. So when a reptile expert went to the movie to watch the movie, he didn't recognize the pet. Then he went further and found that the species had not yet been cataloged.

6. Fiji

The director wanted to make the film in a completely secluded place and found an island in Fiji that had no roads, electricity or drinking water. On the other hand, the beaches were wonderful and it was right there that he decided to record.

7. Love is in the air

The latest curiosity will appeal to fans of the young couple who got lost on Blue Lagoon Island: Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins actually had a romance while filming, but the romance didn't last long because the actor enjoyed being isolated during the shoot. recording to get even more into your role.

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