7 Amazing Lottery Trivia

If there is one thing that stirs the hope of even the most unbelieving, this is the Virada Mega. In December, at meetings with friends and family reunions, it is always common for someone to pull the conversation about the topic and that, as the subject unfolds, a ball is eventually made.

In addition to the campaign has that tasty holiday climate attached to it, it can not be denied that the prize drawn is really tempting: $ 220 million! Before you imagine what you would do if you won all this money, it is worth knowing some curiosities about the lotteries - maybe they do not help you to better choose the numbers when making a little!

1 - Does not accumulate!

Mega Seine of the turn

(Public Photos / Robson Fernandjes)

The Mega Virada prize doesn't accumulate, huh! In this particular draw it is not the rule that if no one wins, the jackpot accumulates for the next draw. If there are no winning bets with six numbers (sena), the prize will be prorated among the five number hitters (kina) and so on until there are winners.

2 - About probabilities

Numbers drawn


You certainly know someone who does the math and the math before choosing the numbers to mark on the wheel, right? This type of gambler would certainly take advantage of the teachings of a statistics professor at Stanford University.

This teacher is named Joan R. Ginther and, besides being known for her mathematical skills, she was also famous for winning the lottery four times. First, she won a prize of $ 5.4 million; a decade later, it earned one of $ 2 million; and with an interval of just two years, took home another $ 3 million. As if that weren't enough, in 2010 she won another prize, now $ 10 million.

Guess what are the chances of this happening to a person? Nothing but one in 18 septilons! But to have the chance to win at Mega da Virada you have to bet ...

3 - Saving Bet

Grañén Shield

(Wikimedia Commons / Shield of Grañén)

The 2, 000 residents of the small Spanish town of Grañén won a lottery super-ball in 2011. At the time, the city was on the brink of financial ruin, but the situation turned around as everyone won the 700 million Euro prize - 400 million. a thousand for each resident.

4 - Generous tip

Winners celebrating


In 2013, a bartender from Springfield, Oregon, won a lottery ticket as a tip. He bet and eventually took home a prize of $ 17.5 thousand. The lucky one offered the value received to the man who had presented him with the ticket, but the customer let him keep the prize. So much camaraderie, huh!

5 - Good Example

Mega Sena Numbers


The story of a bet made in New York in 1984 became famous. It all started when a policeman asked a waitress at his favorite restaurant if she would agree to share a lottery ticket with him - according to the agreement, if the ticket was awarded, he would share the money with the girl.

In the end, this policeman eventually made a $ 6 million fortune and, as he had promised, gave half that amount to the waitress. “If I say I will do something, I will do it. I hope money never changes me, ”he said at the time.

6 - The case of the luckiest man in the world

Luckiest man in the world

(The Telegraph / CEN)

Frane Selak is a music teacher in Croatia. In addition to his musical talent, Selak is also known to be a very lucky man. The teacher has survived seven times when he could have died: a train crash, a plane crash, a bus crash, a bus hit, and several car crashes.

In 2003, he decided to bet on the lottery for the first time in his life and, to honor his luck, ended up winning 800, 000 Euros on his 73rd birthday. What did he do with the prize? Gave the money for charity.

7 - How was the last Mega of the Turn

Turn Mega

(Box Lotteries)

The last draw of Mega da Virada included six bets, each of which took the jackpot of almost $ 37 million. The luck also included 1, 665 people who hit the corner (prize of R $ 25, 481.21) and 124, 889 people who hit the court (prize of R $ 485.30).

About Mega da Virada

Mega-Sena's last contest of the year 2008 was called the Special Year-End Mega-Sena, as a precursor to Mega da Virada. The current name was first used only the following year and has remained so ever since.

Mega da Virada raffles are always held on the last day of the year and, as already mentioned, the prize does not accumulate in this case. Have you decided to do your little meal yet?

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