7 of the most different and exotic flowers in the world

1. Monster Flower

The Rafflesia arnoldi flower is one of the largest in the world, so it is popularly called a monster flower by the inhabitants of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. It, which is a parasite, has no leaves and grows on the cracked bark of a tree. One of its greatest features is the odor of rotting flesh, which pervades the surrounding environment. This bad smell coupled with leather-like petals attract the flies responsible for their pollination.

Monster flower is giant and scary

2. Hanging Monkey Flower

In English, it is called the "naked man's orchid" because its petals resemble a man with his penis sticking out. It grows in the Mediterranean Sea region and is very popular because its tuber is made from salepo flour - an essential ingredient to make the sweet called “Turkish delight”. This flower also has aphrodisiac characteristics and homeopathic properties - many people believe it fights diarrhea. Unfortunately, it is an endangered species.

Any similarity is purely coincidental

3. Corpse Flower

At about 3 meters high, the corpse flower is one of the most spectacular in the world. It is originally from Borneo and blooms only every 10 years! To make matters worse, it only stays open for 12 hours and is very - VERY - stinky! People compare their scent to that of human poop, foot odor and rotten fish. Ew!

The corpse flower is considered the most stinky in the world and when it blooms it becomes an attraction

4. Heron Orchid

Originally from Japan, this flower is one of 27, 000 known species of orchids and has a heron-like shape with white fringed petals. It is at risk of extinction because its natural habitat, the Japanese marshes, is being destroyed in favor of rice fields.

Beautiful and delicate, this orchid resembles a heron

5. African Hydnora

In southern Africa, Hydnora africana, which has the appearance of rock, is a flowering plant. Some say she's so different she looks like an alien! The plant is underground and lives underground for about 1 year before emerging in bloom. It is also stinky and serves as a natural acne treatment. Would you dare to rub it in the face?

Appearance resembles an alien

6. Stone Plant

With the botanical name of Lithops, from the Greek “lithos” (stone) and “tops” (shape), the stone plant is originally from South Africa. It grows in a very arid environment, so it needs very little water to survive. The stone plant is ideal for those who are not very easy to take care of flowers, as it turns very well on its own.

Stone plant survives with little water

7. Ginger-magnificent

One of the most different flowers in the world, magnificent ginger looks a lot more like a pine cone than a flower. He is “cousin” to the ginger you know and smells very similar to his. The flower itself is very small and grows among the small buds of the plant. It is colored and stays alive many days after the cut - so it is very coveted.

White flower grows among the combs of the plant