7 Terrorist Stories With Really Stupid Plans

Terrorists are responsible for starring in some of the saddest episodes in human history - such as the tragedy of September 11, 2001, and the recent attacks in Paris. But to our delight, these extremists are not always able to execute their plans with mastery. There are cases where they fail miserably and turn into real jokes for the whole world to laugh at.

The Curious Mega decided to select seven terrorists who didn't think long before going around playing with explosives and other mass destruction apparatuses. Have fun with our list and answer us in the comments: which of the following stories did you find the most bizarre?

7) Kangaroo Bombs

At only 19 years old, Sevdet Ramadan Besim decided to touch the terror on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. He planned to conduct an attack on police during ANZAC Day, a holiday celebrated on April 25, which honors soldiers killed during the historic battle of the same name. The problem is that the young man decided to use a kangaroo - animal that is practically a trademark of the country - to achieve his goal.

That's right. Besim wanted to hide bombs on the mammal, paint the Islamic State symbol on its body and drop it towards the poor police officers. The jihadist was arrested even before preparations for his attack began, as, as we all know (and he does not), kangaroos are extremely ferocious and it would be impossible to equip them with explosives - or train them to reach such a specific target. .

6) Making explosives with ice

In 2013, three extremists from the Islamic State had a rather strange idea to terrify the citizens of Birmingham, England's famous city. They disguised themselves as representatives of charities for a long time and held various fundraising events. The plan was to use the money to purchase sports ice bags, extract ammonium nitrate from the products and produce an explosive from the material.

Didn't you know that sports ice bags contain ammonium nitrate? It's because they don't have it anymore (the substance was removed from the composition years ago). Only the trio didn't know that. Anyway, they could only raise enough money to buy a single bag, which obviously would not be enough to make a snap.

5) All for money

Mohammad Ashan, a mid-level Taliban commander, was in dire need of money - more specifically, he wanted US dollars. The despair was so great that he decided to surrender himself to a post of the military forces of Afghanistan, asking for the payment of the reward for having captured himself! What the terrorist did not know is that, since his list of crimes was not so long, the value offered by his head was only $ 100. And, of course, he never even saw the color of money.

4) Victim of your own weapon

Let's put the jihadists aside and talk about Aryan extremists. By 2015, New Yorker Michael O'Neill was making a series of bombs from the comfort of his home, using hot glue to seal the explosives and spiking them to further damage when they were detonated. One fine day, one of his homemade “toys” began to catch fire.

O'Neill decided to do the most illogical thing possible: step on the bomb to try to put out the flame. The blast destroyed the boy's leg and drew police attention, who went to the scene, found the neo-Nazi factory and took him to the hospital - to arrest him as soon as he was released, obviously.

3) Biological fiascos

The extremist religious cult Aum Shinrikyo is famous for attacking the Sarin gas Tokyo subway in 1995. However, although the group was successful in several of its terrorist attacks, many others failed miserably. In 1993, for example, some of its members filled a van with Clostridium botulinum bacteria (responsible for botulism) and drove through the streets of the Japanese capital to infect hundreds of citizens.

They later discovered that they were using inactive samples, unable to cause danger to any individual. Unsatisfied, the religious then tried to use anthrax to attack the Nipponians, throwing home-grown bacteria from the rooftop of buildings. The problem is that the terrorists used vaccination samples. That is, instead of dying, the “victims” at most gained resistance against future attacks by the group with the microorganism.

2) Didn't warn Mom

DC Five was called that for one simple reason: The group was made up of five young people living in the suburbs of Washington DC Followers of the Islamic State, they decided to travel together to Pakistan and make a series of attacks there. But none of the members warned their parents about the trip: they all boarded together on the eve of Thanksgiving.

Concerned, relatives of terrorist apprentices (aged 18 to 24) triggered the FBI upon noticing the common disappearance. The five were arrested in a Pakistani village - and fortunately they had no time to execute a plan. Teaching of the Day: If you plan to go around blowing up people, be sure to warn your parents in advance.

1) The worst place to hide a bomb

Abdullah Hassan Tali Al-Asiri had a simple mission: to assassinate Mohammed bin Nayef, Saudi Interior Minister. Only the bomber didn't know exactly how to get so close to such a public figure without drawing too much attention. That's when al Qaeda decided to convince him to hide the explosives inside his anus. You must have already assumed that this story didn't end well, right?

Al-Asiri actually stowed the bombs in this uncomfortable place and managed to make an appointment with the politician. They greeted each other, and the jihadist detonated his ass. Unfortunately for al-Qaeda, the terrorist was reduced to shreds, but Nayef was not even scratched - just a little dirty with the blood and organs of the man who tried to assassinate him.

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