7 Hotels That Are Famous For Appearing In Hollywood Movies

In many Hollywood movies we have seen scenes set in hotels around the world, whether simple or glamorous. Those who enjoy cinema can list some of these references chosen by the directors or screenwriters, and the most admirers go to these real places for those who know how to live a little of what they watched on screen.

Certainly, staying in a place known for being an action, romance, drama, or comedy setting should be interesting. Therefore, we have separated here some of the hotels that are famous for this very reason: for being present in the works of Hollywood. Maybe one day you will stay in them too? So, come on:

1 - Beverly Wilshire Hotel - “A Beautiful Woman” (Pretty Woman)

This classic 90's romantic comedy movie stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Roberts plays the character Vivian Ward - a prostitute who is hired by a businessman to be her escort. In one of the film's best-known scenes, Vivian spends the night in a luxurious Beverly Hills hotel called The Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Today, the cheapest hotel rooms cost an average of $ 650 per night. After the success of A Beautiful Woman, the place became even more sought after.

2 - Bellagio Hotel and Casino - “Eleven Men and a Secret” (Ocean's Eleven)

With the original 1960 version and a well-known 2001 remake (starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon), "Eleven Men and a Secret" can be seen as a police comedy. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is quite important in the plot of the movie, not just a scenario, as Danny Ocean intends to steal it. The hotel is also famous for being one of the most iconic in Las Vegas, with rooms that cost (the cheapest) $ 200 a night.

3 - The Stanley Hotel - “The Shining” (The Shining)

Stanley Kubrick's classic movie "The Shining" features the Stanley Hotel in Colorado as the main setting for the supernatural events that take place with Jack Torrance. Although some outside scenes were shot at Timberline Lodge, most of the footage took place at Stanley Hotel itself - which is rightly famous for the movie and today offers special tour packages for fans who wanted to experience so-called ghostly adventures . The price? $ 320 a night.

4 - Grandhotel Pupp - “007 Casino Royale”

James Bond always appears in luxury hotels and fantastic places in his films, and Grandhotel Pupp is one of those venues - the mainstay of “007 Casino Royale”. However, the name was renamed Hotel Splendide and is located on the coast, while the royal hotel is well away from the ocean in the Czech Republic town of Karlovy Vary. All interior scenes were filmed at the Grandhotel Pupp.

5 - The Plaza - “The Great Gatsby” (The Great Gatsby)

One of the most important and dramatic scenes from “The Great Gatsby” takes place at The Plaza - one of New York's most luxurious hotels that has appeared in dozens of other films, such as “Forgotten Me 2”. Room prices start at $ 650, but if you're looking for something truly majestic, you can book the Royal Plaza Suite for a mere $ 35, 000 a night.

6 - Park Hyatt - “Lost in Translation”

In “Encounters and Mismatches, ” starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanson, we are introduced to two lonely characters living in isolation in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Their shared setting is the Park Hyatt hotel, made up of these three giant towers that you see in the picture. When the two finally become friends, they leave the hotel to explore the Japanese capital.

7 - Bonus: “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Director Wez Anderson's latest film is "The Grand Hotel Budapest, " which has a hotel as its main setting. In the movie we can see this luxurious place amid the snowy mountains of a fictional country in Europe. But does this hotel really exist? Yes and no, as mockups were made to represent the exterior scenes of the Budapest Hotel, while the interior scenes were filmed at the Görlitzer Warenhaus - an abandoned German hotel that was about to be demolished - and elsewhere in the Czech Republic.