7 unbelievable mazes you need to get lost in

1. Dixon Labyrinth, United States

Recognized by the Guinness Book as the largest maze of maize on the planet, this attraction located in Dixon, California, has numerous crossroads on its over 2, 000 square feet. It is so difficult to find their way out that in 2014, some people had to call the police to rescue them after 4 hours lost inside.

(Reproduction / Oddee)

2. Longleat Labyrinth, England

Situated in Wiltshire, England, this 1978-designed maze is in the vicinity of an imposing 16th-century castle. Its nearly 1.7 kilometers long, it has several dead ends, six bridges and a small tower in its center., which can help - or even hinder - the search for the way out.

(Reproduction / Oddee)

3. Reignac Sur Indre Labyrinth, France

Located in central France, this circular maze has once occupied the largest post in the world. Thanks to the work of careful gardeners, the place comes with a fresh look every spring. In 1996, the year of its inauguration, more than 85, 000 people took on the challenge of plunging into its nearly 40, 000 square meters.

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4. Labyrinth of the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands

If there is a fancy maze in landscaping, this is it, made in honor of the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. The attraction is made up of over 120, 000 sunflowers and is right in front of the museum specializing in the artist's works in Amsterdam.

(Reproduction / Gizmodo)

5. LaSalle Labyrinth in the United States

The state of Colorado is home to a maze over 3 kilometers long. Seen from above, you can see two symbols of Uncle Sam's land - the country's flag and the bald eagle - in addition to the phrase "God Bless America, " which means "God bless America."

(Reproduction / Oddee)

6. Pisani Village, Italy

Created in the 18th century in the Italian city of Stra, this maze is famous for being visited by historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, and for being the setting for several films. Circular in shape, it consists of several roads that are surrounded by tall bushes.

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7. Dole Plantation, Hawaii

Have you ever thought about strolling through a huge pineapple plantation? Well, in Hawaii, you can. There is a huge maze approximately 4 kilometers long, once considered the largest in the world.

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* Posted on 11/11/2016