7 Bizarre and Insane Ways North Korea Annoys the Rest of the World

1. Threatening Faxes

North Korea often reports that it carries out heavy weapon testing, prompting South Korea to make international complaints about the danger of such "alleged" weapons. So in 2013, the South Korean Ministry of Defense received a threatening fax from North Korea rejecting these protests, which were called an "insult" by the North Korean Government.

North Korea sent a FAX! In 2013! End!

2. Belly Strike

Foreigners, mainly Japanese, South Koreans, and journalists from other parts of the world, receive a kind of guide when they can enter North Korea. For men, these guides are often seductive women who try to flirt with foreigners. Months later, they “mysteriously” appear pregnant, and the government claims that men send money to support the child.

Of course, this is all a scam, as the money goes directly to the government - women often don't even get pregnant! But when this really happens, it is also good for North Korea, as there is a possibility of creating a dual nationality spy agent from the cradle!

Seduction, right?

3. Giant Buildings

Do you remember that childish teasing of "mine is greater than seeee"? North Korea takes this to the letter: in the 1980s they built a 160-meter-high mast in a village near the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas, only to be taller than the 98-meter mast made. South Korea a few months earlier.

And it doesn't stop there: because of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, South Korea caught the attention of sportsmen from around the world. His northern neighbor, by the way, built the largest stadium in the world at the time, May Day. Also in that decade, North Korea also began building a towering hotel to be larger than a newly opened one in South Korea.

After all, giant mast is located in fake city

4. Garbage Release

The tension between the two Koreas is frightening, but it generates comic moments. In the demilitarized zone, South Korea placed huge north-facing speakers that played K-pop songs. Bizarre was a form of retaliation against North Korea's nuclear tests earlier this year.

And do you have any idea how North Korea responded? Sending balloons laden with propaganda and trash south! Used toilet papers and cigarette butts were among the filthy ones sent by the country, which has already accused the South Korean president of being “just a rubbish”.

Maturity Example

5. Advertising in major western newspapers

Between 1960 and 1997, it was common for some newspaper such as The New York Times and The Washington Post to boast full-page ads boasting feats of North Korea and its prime ministers, Kim II Sung and Kim Jong II. Of course they were paid ads showing local "heroes". Only in North Korea this was shown as foreign media surrendering to the charms of the country. It's easy?

Advertisement in The New York Times, 1975

6. Insurance Fraud

The money to finance the lifestyle of North Korean leaders needs to come from somewhere, right? Experts believe that arms and drug trafficking is one of those that most finances the government, but that scamming insurance companies has also earned millions in the country! The world's largest insurers have already suffered heavy losses for the North Korean government, which allegedly falsifies evidence of air crashes, for example.

"Here are good seeing the joke"

7. Fake Cigarettes

Cigarettes are the easiest illicit goods to smuggle. North Korea began counterfeiting in the 1990s, expanding it considerably from the turn of the millennium. It is estimated that the country annually earns $ 160 million from illegally sold Marlboros in the United States.

"Is a cigarette going there?"


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