7 different professions for you to think outside the box

Increasing occupations have made traditional careers such as medicine and law no longer the only options available. New occupations have emerged and have emerged every day, because the market is more open to news and with different demands from decades ago. Check out some of the unusual professions that tend toward a promising future:

1. Social Media Manager

Have you thought about working in front of Facebook or Instagram? To many this sounds like a dream. But more than spending the day looking at photos and posts, the social media manager needs to be creative and know how to identify opportunities.

In this area, the professional should know how to write well, choose or even create images for the posts. Increasingly, the social media manager has been charged to develop digital campaigns as well, which requires a more analytical and numbered skills profile.

social media

2. Private Detective

A private detective career is ideal for those who are curious and do not settle down until they see a problem solved. The daily routine of this profession also requires the professional to be cautious and discreet, since most of the tasks are done confidentially.

Private detectives are increasingly offered opportunities. In addition, the gains are often quite attractive, especially after the professional has gained more experience.


3. Ceremonialist

For those who like events and decoration, an alternative is to be ceremonialist. This professional needs to think outside the box and be creative, even if the budget is short. The ceremonialist also needs to be a communicator as he will constantly deal with customers and suppliers. Organization is another important quality for this professional to do well in the career.


4. Personal stylist

A lot of people stop going to the fashion universe because they don't know how to draw so well. But this area is not restricted to drawings only. Still recent in Brazil, the career of personal stylist promises a promising future for professionals. In addition to ordinary consumers, this professional has been much in demand by digital influencers, who always need to dress well.

personal stylist

5. Physical Educator

For those who can not imagine working at a computer in an office and enjoy sports, the tip is to bet on training. The fitness universe has grown a lot in recent years, and people tend to take more care of themselves.

Therefore, the coaching career is on the rise. As gyms and sports clubs receive many visitors, some of these people prefer to have a personalized service. In this sense, the work of the physical education professional is fundamental, both to do the exercises correctly and to achieve the goals.

Physical educator

6. Food Technologist

The food technology career, which already has a specific college, is focused on the development of strategies for quality control and food conservation. Professionals can, for example, work out designing processing methods, manufacturing new products, researching and consulting.

As Brazil is one of the largest food producers in the world, the future of food technology is very promising. This is because the public is increasingly demanding about taste and nutritional properties.


7. Coaching

Coaching is a professional focused on developing skills for clients' progress, both personally and in business. There are currently over 16, 000 professionals in this area, according to the Brazilian Coaching Society.

However, supply is small in the face of growing demand. The advantage of this career is that it does not have a specific education, being followed by people from Administration, Communication, Psychology and other higher education courses.


* Via advisory


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