7 Amazing Advertisements That Bombed the Internet

Are you going to say that you often don't get caught repeating phrases you've heard in some ads or sharing funny ads with your friends on social networks? Here at Mega Curioso we always post stories about these materials, such as the sensational campaign to promote the launch of “Carie the Stranger” and the super-innovative video Virgin Airlines has released to introduce safety procedures for its passengers.

Another example was the beautiful announcement by Honda, which drew a lot of attention for mixing optical and reality illusions, as well as one created by Mercedes Benz, which used chickens to promote a new suspension system. Below you can check seven other advertisements that hit the internet until October this year and tell us in the comments which one is your favorite:

1 - GoPro

You mean you didn't feel like going out on adventures around the world?

2 - PS4

A perfect day to face epic battles with friends.

Superman's 3rd - 75th Birthday

The evolution of the Man of Steel over 75 years of history.

4 - Xbox

Launch of the new Xbox featuring special celebrity stars, a zombie and a robot.

5 - LG

LG used poor chicken Lizzy to present its new superstable cameras.

6 - Evian

This water must have come from some fantastic fountain of youth!

7 - GoPro

With seven lives or not, it is impossible not to be moved by the video above.