7 Uses for Plastic Film You Didn't Know

1. Cup

If you are “slightly” clumsy with this cutting-edge technology called “cup”, an alternative is to cover the mouth of the container with a plastic wrap and use a straw - preferably one that is reusable so as not to pollute the environment.

plastic film

2. Cooking Eggs

Making poached eggs may seem like some of the most renowned chefs, but you can do it at home with this simple technique: you make a bundle of plastic wrap and cook the egg without risking messing up using the traditional technique.

plastic film

3. Open pots

Sometimes the lid is so caught that your hands slide as you try to unscrew it. One opinion is to wrap the lid in plastic film that will make the grip more conducive to the task.

plastic film

4. Mixer

The mixer also makes the biggest lick if you don't use it correctly - sometimes even with the utmost care some things fall out. You can create a lid with plastic film and prevent dirt. Just be careful that the blades do not suck the material.

plastic film

5. Beat meat

Have you tried hammering your steak and sent pieces of meat to the entire kitchen? One idea is to wrap the food with a plastic wrap!

plastic film

6. Changes

Storing a few objects in a change can take some work and end up mixing it up. For this reason, plastic film can help with kitchen utensils.

plastic film

7. Cosmetics

If you've ever had a bag smelling of leaking cream, you'll love the technique: cover the nozzles with plastic film to prevent accidents while traveling!

plastic film

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