8 Brazilians with Down Syndrome highlighted in different areas

Today, March 21, is International Down Syndrome Day. The choice of date is not a fluke: this syndrome is characterized by an anomaly on chromosome 21, which causes people to be born with a trisomy, that is, instead of two, there are 3 chromosomes.

The idea of ​​choosing a date to "celebrate" a syndrome - something that could raise some questions - actually serves to give visibility to the theme. Bearers are increasingly embedded in society, but even so, many people still wrinkle their noses out of prejudice purely.

That's why we bring you a list of 8 people with Down Syndrome who stood out in different areas. Check out:

1. Debora Seabra, teacher

The first teacher with Down Syndrome in Brazil has been working for over 13 years as an assistant in early childhood education at a private school in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. Deborah has also written a book for children, titled “Deborah Telling Stories”, and received the Darcy Ribeiro Award in Education in 2015 - a choice of the House of Representatives that elects three annual educational highlights in Brazil. “What I think is most important of all is teaching how to include children, and everyone, to end prejudice, ” he says.

débora seabra

2. Fernanda Honorato, reporter

Carioca Fernanda Honorato, 38, has been working in television journalism since 2006. She is one of the journalists of TV Brasil's Special Program and has a varied range of hobbies, such as dancing and swimming. She enjoys sambar, was once Portela's muse and received a medal from the hands of Prince Harry. It's easy? “We need people to believe us. We just need opportunity and make new friends, ”said Fernanda when she was named to RankBrasil with the title of first reporter with Down Syndrome in Brazil.

fernanda honorato

3. Breno Viola, judoka

Reaching the black belt in judo is one of the greatest dreams of practitioners of this martial art. Carioca Breno Viola, 36, was the first man with the syndrome in the Americas to reach the long-awaited track in 2002. He participated in world championships and works on social projects aimed at children and youth. “I tell my story and show that nothing is impossible, ” says Breno.

Breno Viola

4 and 5. Ariel Goldenberg and Rita Pokk, actor

Actor Ariel Goldenberg, 37, starred in the 2012 film “Colleagues” with his wife Rita Pokk. Goldenberg was inspired by Sean Penn's performance in 2001's "A Lesson of Love, " and sparked a campaign to bring the actor here. In the end, the Hollywoodian received Ariel and Rita at his home. “I'm just like everyone else, ” explains Ariel.

Ariel Goldenberg and Rita Pokk

6. Cacai Bauer, youtuber

The first Brazilian youtuber with Down Syndrome is Cailana Bauer Lemos, or just Cacai Bauer on her channel. She is 23 years old and lives in Lauro de Freitas, in the Salvador Metropolitan Region. In his channel, Cacai shows his daily life and loves to make parodies of famous songs. His parents and siblings have also joked and some videos appear. “My fans defend me from attacks and I leave it there for everyone to see that the best way to fight them is by ignoring them, ” says Cacai of the hater comments.

Cacai Bauer

7. Mary of Orleans and Braganza, princess and writer

Princess Isabel's grandmother, Maria de Orleans and Bragança is the only Brazilian among 37 royal family princesses to have the extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome - she is probably the only princess in the world to have this condition. And if you think the noble blue blood or the syndrome has made her settle, you're wrong. She has already released two books and is working on the third.

Maria de Orleans and Bragança

8. Dudu do Cavaco, musician

In 2016, RankBrasil recognized the 27-year-old miner Eduardo Gontijo, known as Dudu do Cavaco, as the first Brazilian with Down Syndrome to record a CD. The work features 10 sambas that were attended by other famous miners, such as Marco Tulio Lara, from Jota Quest. “We must fight for our dreams and put a lot of love into our actions. When I'm playing, I put my emotion in the ukulele and send it to the audience, ”he explains.

chip dudu