8 Things Every Sleepwalker Goes Through

If you were a sleepwalker as a child, or are still experiencing this sleep disorder, you've undoubtedly been through some (or all) of the following situations! Sleepwalking, which affects nearly a quarter of children and only 3% of adults, causes people to get up in their sleep and perform activities as usual. Even if motor functions are as usual, consciousness remains inactive! So a sleepwalker never remembers what he did.

Some cases can be extremely dangerous, such as people jumping out of windows or even committing murders, but the vast majority only experience some of these constraints.

1. To begin with, if you don't have this disorder, you need to know that sleepwalking is a plus to your nightlife. It is lying down knowing that the excitement of the day does not end there. You can sleep in your bed and wake up anywhere. I said ANYWHERE.

2. If you sleep with someone different in the room, you will most likely find that you have spoken a lot at night.

3. And you will spend the day wondering if you said something embarrassing, such as some secret, opinion about the person, or the name of someone who shouldn't.

4. Thinking that the world is your bathroom and doing what you need in the most unusual places is normal - such as in your grandmother's dresser drawer or plant pot (outside).

5. Calling, texting, and posting on social networks nonsense or worse. So sleepwalkers: no cell phone under the pillow.

6. Getting up at night and standing next to someone else's bed watching him sleep, in the "Paranormal Activity" style, makes him a psychopath by friends.

7. Worse: You simply lie down with the person, regardless of whether they are your brother, friend or mother-in-law.

8. Leave home for a walk in pajamas or underwear only.

So if you have a relative or friend who suffers from this disease, don't worry! If you wake up in the night with strange situations in the next bed, relax! Your friend is not being possessed by any evil spirit ...

Unless he has a knife, then you better run, since, as we have seen, sleepwalkers can commit crimes and, because they are unconscious, cannot be punished.

NOTE: If you see your friend walking around sleeping, beware: sleepwalkers don't usually have a good joke mood.