8 super cool curiosities about twin brothers

1 - Do you know how we can differentiate one twin from another?


By the navel! Bizarre, right? The explanation for this is that our belly button is a scar from where the umbilical cord was, right? Each person heals differently, and each belly button has its own appearance, so depending on the healing and not the genetics. If identification needs to be more thorough, a scan of each one's fingerprints will also prove who's who - that's right: twins are the same in everything but the navel and the fingerprints!

2 - Twins can be children of different parents.


When a woman has sex with more than one partner during her fertile period, she may end up getting pregnant with more than one partner as well. The phenomenon called heteropaternal superfecundation occurs when an egg is fertilized by sperm from two different men, resulting in twin siblings. This is much more common in animals than in humans.

3 - Nowadays it's much easier to have twins than before


Just to give you an idea, twin births have risen more than 75% since the 1980s, which may have to do with the fact that older women are having children and twins are more common in women over 30 years old. than in newer ones. In addition, genetic ease also makes a presence and turns the whole thing into a mathematical rule: If having twin children is also about heredity, the more twins are born, the more people are likely to propagate this genetic trait.

4 - Babies who share the womb and are born on the same day are not always twins


Jeez, what do you mean! Simple: Sometimes a woman becomes pregnant but continues to menstruate, which increases the chances of another egg being fertilized later. In this case, which is also quite rare, the mother becomes pregnant with two babies, but they are not twins because they were not raised at the same time.

5 - Twins Understand Each Other


Babies in general grumble a lot and make the most diverse mouth sounds, right? Among twin babies, these sounds are known as cryptophasia, meaning that twin babies understand what they "talk" to each other. In addition to creating their own vocabulary, twin babies use each other to learn to speak.

6 - Mirror Twins


When the fertilized egg divides later than normal, sometimes the appearance of identical twins ends up creating features as if they were mirroring each other, so one can be born with a mark on the left arm, for example, and Your twin will have the mark on his right arm. In more extreme cases, the organs of one twin may be on different sides, with the heart on the right and the liver on the left, for example.

7 - Twin mothers live longer


Look what love! Research from the University of Utah found that between the 1800s and 1970s, twin mothers lived longer than mothers who had no twin children.

8 - Life in the womb


At an early age, around the 14th week of gestation, the twins are beginning to interact with each other within the womb. No wonder their connection is so strong!


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