8 games that can help you prepare for your college entrance exam

It has not been a long time since hegemonized attention as happened with the recently launched Pokémon Go !, a game that had a resounding repercussion in more than 30 countries and should be released in Brazil in the coming days.

Several studies around the world have proven that spending (moderate) time in video games or playing on mobile phones helps the brain develop multitasking skills, improve reflexes and increase its ability to concentrate.

Some games are associated with themes that integrate the subjects taught at school and can arouse the interest of students, encouraging them to know the subject better. Stoodi has prepared a list of 8 such games that can make the student have a great time, but then rush to the books, computer, tablet or smartphone to learn more about the real inspirational stories:

1) Geopolitics - SimCity

The first version of SimCity - a game in which the player creates and controls a city's infrastructure - was released in 1989. Since then, the quality of the graphics has greatly improved and the challenges have become more complex. But what has remained intact in all editions of the game is consistency with reality.

Releasing gambling in the city, for example, may boost the municipality's revenue, but it will also increase crime. If the player does not know how to invest in a balanced way in different sectors of the economy and has no clear concepts of sustainability, urbanism and public transportation, his city will be chaotic.

2) Political Philosophy - Democracy

If in SimCity, the player has the position of mayor, in Democracy he can be president, prime minister and even an austere dictator. Although not very rich in attractive graphics, Democracy pays off in the constitution of power regimes, which is portrayed in detail.

The player will feel on the skin the effects of his government measures on the population, which will be reflected in the ballot box in the next election. The game even gives you options to use questionable maneuvers to 'tarnish' the image of competing candidates. Any resemblance to reality ...

3) Biology - SPORE

Nothing gives a gamer more pleasure than watching his character - initially a fragile creature - evolve over time, gain skills and conquer the world. What then of SPORE, which goes back to the origin and evolution of life in the universe? The idea has been hailed because it makes the player begin his challenge as a simple cell fighting to stay alive on the planet.

Over time and depending on the choices you make, the player can unlock new life forms, develop into a new creature, unite with tribes, build cities and even conquer new territories.

4) Philosophy, Religion and Quantum Physics - Bioshock: Infinite

Another phenomenon of criticism, Bioshock Infinite won 85 awards at the time of its release for not being afraid to address controversial topics. The game is set in Columbia, a city in which a civil war is about to break out. On the one hand, the ultranationalist government advocates an exclusive state for white Americans.

On the other, a group of rebels struggling to take control of the state and restore rights for citizens of all races and religions. As if that were not enough, there are still open slots in spacetime, which uses concepts from the theory of relativity to explain the appearance of strange elements of the future in the past.

5) History - Battlefield

Sad as it is, learning about the great wars that have occurred is essential to understanding how the world works. Battlefield faithfully recreates the battles that have taken place, including weapons, vehicles, costumes, and goals identical to those accomplished by the royal soldiers.

The first version of the game was set in World War II and transported the player to the battles of Normandy, Midway and Guadalcanal, but the franchise has already tackled contemporary fighting with US and Middle Eastern armies. Scheduled for release in October, the new Battlefield will recreate World War I.

6) History - Assassin's Creed

The franchise has sold over 75 million copies worldwide for masterfully merging the real story with the game's.

The second game in the series, for example, takes place in the Renaissance Period, where you can see great works of architecture such as the Basilica of Santa Maria Del Fiori in Florence and even ask Leonardo Da Vinci for help in solving a puzzle.

7) History - God of War

Inspired by Greek mythology, God of War has become a blockbuster since its first edition. In it, the player lives Kratos, a demigod who commands an army in Sparta and faces several moral dilemmas that will have consequences on the end result.

8) Physics - Angry Birds

We don't have a chapter in our history here, but learning physics can be more fun with the game Angry Birds, where knowing how to apply the concept of parabolic motion is essential to accurately launching the bird.

The game involves mechanical energy, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, elastic energy, acceleration, speed, force, friction, mass, momentum, work and gravity, whew! Angry Birds was downloaded on 2 billion phones and bore the most popular title on the planet until Pokémon Go!

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