8 untouched tombs containing 40 sarcophagi were discovered in Egypt

Recently, we at Mega Curioso commented around here that we had the impression that an archeological “task force” was going on in Egypt - given how many things have been discovered there lately. And behold, another important finding has just been announced! This time they found eight tombs containing 40 sarcophagi in a cemetery near the Tuna e-Gebel Necropolis, as well as a huge collection of artifacts.

High priest

According to Michelle Starr of Science Alert, the tombs belong to the late Ptolomatic Dynasty and consist of an underground complex that began to be excavated late last year. Researchers exploring the site said the site has remained untouched for over 2, 000 years - and believe they will have at least five years of work ahead to identify and catalog everything being collected. Watch the following video released by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities:

The complex consists of a large number of funerary tunnels containing the graves of various families, and among them archaeologists have identified the tomb of a high priest dedicated to Thoth - Egyptian deity headed by ibis and god of wisdom, the sciences, the magic, mediation, writing and judgment of the dead.

In this tomb, researchers found hieroglyphics in pots left inside identifying the grave as “Djehuty-Irdy-Es” and its occupant as “One of the Great Five, ” a title that Michelle said was reserved for Thoth's most prominent priests. . Archaeologists have also found pots containing the well-preserved organs of the tomb occupant, as well as his mummified body adorned with a selection of jewels and ornaments.


According to Michelle, the priest's mummy was found with a bronze necklace showing an image of the goddess Nut with wings spread symbolizing protection in the afterlife, as well as four gem-encrusted amulets, colored beads and a pair of bronze eyes. Decorated with ivory and crystal.


Thoth image discovered at Amenkhopshef tomb in Queen's Valley in Luxor (Looklex Encyclopaedia)

Archaeologists also found about a thousand funerary statues known as ushabti in the tomb - and explained that these figures were often placed in Egyptian graves to represent servants or followers who were to accompany the dead on their journey beyond.

In total, archaeologists have found 13 graves in this tomb, but they still need to be properly identified. In addition, the researchers discovered another tomb in the complex containing what they believe to be members of the same family - which together, as we mentioned earlier, held 40 sarcophagi, a portion of mummies. Because as the excavations continue on site, many other artifacts are expected to be found. And if they are, rest assured, we at Mega will bring updates for you!