9 foods to stock up in the event of an impending catastrophe

Last week, Hurricane Irma - the largest ever recorded in the Atlantic - hit scale 5 and triggered a massive evacuation in the United States. So fortunate were not millions of Caribbean islanders, who first suffered the impact of the phenomenon, which left a trail of destruction and death.

Residents of the state of Florida have been told to leave their homes and seek a safer refuge. Those who decided to stay had to prepare for the days following the hurricane, which should have food shortages in stores, floods and lack of electricity.

If you are ever faced with such a scenario, you need to learn what your pantry can't miss to face the coming days. So write down 9 foods that can not be missed in a hypothetical scenario here in Brazil:

1. Water

The fundamental item of any stock is water; after all, supplies can be cut off at any time and can take a long time to return. Calculate at least 3-4 liters per person per day, including water for drinking and preparing meals.


2. Tuna

Invest in canned foods that do not require any preparation or even refrigeration. Tuna is a great choice!

Tuna fish

3. Peanut Butter

Very popular in the United States, peanut butter lasts a long time and is a great source of protein and can increase the flavor of crackers and snacks.

Peanut butter

4. Apple

One of the most durable fruits in existence, the apple is a great choice for those who will spend a long time without access to the world.

Red apple

5. Canned Vegetables

To prevent spoilage, it is best to buy canned vegetables. Look for versions that are easy to open and make sure you have an opener at home, otherwise put one on your list.

A can of food

6. Soluble Coffee

Practical solution for those who do not need gas supply at home, after all, it can be cut. It is also a tip for those who have other ways to heat the water and prepare the drink.


7. Nuts

Resist the temptation to fill yourself with industrialized snack foods. If unavoidable, look for healthier options like long-lasting, very nutritious nut or nut packages.


8. Cereal

Another easy to stock item is breakfast cereals. Combine with long life milks and you will have a nice breakfast for at least a few days. Best of all, you can vary widely as there are numerous options on the market.

Lots of different foods

9. Soy or Almond Milk

Ideally, buy milks that last longer in the absence of cooling, such as those made from soy or almonds. You can either prepare the cereals from the above or take along with coffee while waiting for the worst to pass.

One cup of milk


Remember that the ideal is always to obey the orders of public services if an evacuation is requested. Material goods we regain, but life is priceless!