9 bizarre guns and blows that have ever been used in movies

If you're a fan of cinema and action movies, you're likely to enjoy seeing your favorite characters armed with guns, machine guns, shotguns, knives and the like. This, of course, when we are talking about ordinary ammunition, but you may have noticed that many big-screen hits feature unconventional weapons, right? About.com has put together a list of great movies and their bizarre weaponry and scams, which you can check out below:

Sending Bullet

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One scene from this movie is particularly hilarious and happens when Clive Owen helps a pregnant woman have her child while being chased by bad guys. Who never? In this scene, he uses carrots to threaten the villains.

Jackie Chan Project A2

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When it comes to food, one of the most famous ninjas of all time seems to prefer the most ardent weapons. Of course, in this case, only if it is possible to perform the entire ritual, which includes chewing peppers to the point where they can be spit directly into the enemy's eyes.

Where the weak have no place

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One of the strangest villains of all time, lived by Javier Bardem, uses a bolt pistol, the same instrument used to slaughter cows. In the villain's hand, this weapon and a reservoir of compressed air are used to kill people and break down doors.

Batman the dark knight

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The Joker already makes us scared normally, but when he decides to play smart and cold and calculating like in this movie, we are even more surprised by its dark power. In “Batman: The Dark Knight”, one trick left everyone with their mouths open, as the villain decided to challenge some bad guys with a fairly straightforward trick and ended the life of one by beating his head against a pencil stuck in a pencil. table.


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The hero here finds himself, at a certain point in the movie, having to defend himself in the middle of a kitchen and then see a thermometer and pierce the enemy's neck with the unusual object. The scene ends amazingly as the man hit with the thermometer is thrown out of the room after a bomb explodes. At this point, the temperature gauge indicates that the villain is “ready”.

Henry - Portrait of a Killer

Image Source: Reproduction / 40ozofhorror

The serial killer of the movie commits countless hideous murders, but one of them is the most striking, as Henry cuts one of his victims with soldering iron and then hits her with a television and then turns the device on so that his head be electrocuted.

The Bourne Identity

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Jason Bourne is the type who pulls a killer out of some environment with the help of a ballpoint pen and further explains that "the pen is mightier than the sword."

Code of conduct

Image Source: Playback / GoodFilmGuide

The great revenge Clyde planned included the murder of one of the plot criminals with the help of a bone that was left from one of his meals.

Attracted by Crime

Image Source: Playback / DBCovers

The quality of this movie has been widely criticized, but a strangling scene made with a simple tie can make the viewer jaw drop.

* Originally posted on 12/06/2013.


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