9 good deeds that will renew your faith in people

1. At the service of the community

Our list begins with an example of compassion in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. These two police officers, after helping rescue a mother who had hypoglycemia - low blood sugar - prepared a dinner for her children and then washed the dishes.


2. A new life

Below you will find the exciting record of rescuing a kitten. He was one of the survivors of a major fire that destroyed a market in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital.


3. Doing good without looking to whom

This little girl spontaneously decided to let her hair grow and then donate it to make wigs for childhood cancer victims.


4. Scissors Volunteer

During the week, Mark Bustos' salon welcomes some of New York's wealthiest people. On Sundays, it is the turn of the most needy to be taken care of free by the hairdresser on the streets of the Big Apple.


5. Sports Attitude

If you thought that the 2014 World Cup was all about the German national team's rout over the Brazilian, you are sadly mistaken. At the Brazil-based World Cup, there were also scenes of good deed, such as the moment when Australian national team player Mark Bresciano tied the shoelaces of a boy on crutches.


6. The unshakable feeling of care

A flood destroyed part of the town of Cuttack, in northeastern India, but was unable to stop this peasant's bravery. Brave, the man turned a branch into a staff and risked his life to save three kittens from the flood.


7. Empathy is what there is.

This policeman, seeing that a homeless man was barefoot, decided to buy him new socks and a pair of shoes.


8. The victory of kindness

After seeing an injured competitor, an athlete stopped competing to carry her to the finish line. The race took place in the US state of Ohio.


9. Human chair

While trapped in the elevator, the elderly woman did not have to stand until the rescue arrived: a student gently offered his back so she could sit down and not get tired.