9 Image Comparisons That Will Amaze You - Part 3

It takes an admirable skill to find a new side to things we already know, some people manage to get out of the box of sameness with unexplained exuberance and ease. Luckily, they were armed with their cameras when curious situations happened. You who are used to seeing everything with the same look as usual, get ready and take your camera, because after these images, you will want to run to the street and capture ordinary moments from a completely new perspective. So to close this adventure with a golden key, let's look at the long awaited images.

1. This is an assembly of an elephant's foot next to a human foot. Look closely and you will realize that the shape of the elephant bone is very similar to ours.

2. The price of a 12-unit chalk box at Target store and the price of the same box at a bookstore.

3. One mother had four children, and when each was five years old, she would ask them to paint the same sunflower. Look at the result that each one obtained. For moms on duty this must be an interesting idea, right?

4. The images below are from a deck in Michigan. The first was taken at nine in the morning - and, let's face it, it would be a perfect setting for a horror movie - and the second photo was taken just two hours later.

5. A typical picture of father and son. This boy's mother must be tall enough to be a WNBA basketball player, or so we hope ...

6. Size comparison between the tiny-looking Titanic -and a modern cruise ship.

7. How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Well, here are two completely different ways: A pot of fried chicken accompanied by a bottle of Jack Daniel's VS. A bouquet of flowers and cupcakes.

8. The city of Lumberton, North Carolina has a pretty crazy climate. The first photo dates from September 3rd, while the second photo was taken on December 8th.

9. Here we have the parking lot of a liquor store and, next to it, the parking lot of a clinic specialized in laser eye surgery.