9 of the biggest oddities of the Middle Ages

If you think we are in a very strange time in history, it is because you have not studied the madness of the Middle Ages. We usually know about battles, achievements, kingdoms, and historical characters, but everyday events are rarely commented on. That's why Tips decided to stage 9 of the biggest oddities of this period!

Did you know, for example, that life expectancy during the Middle Ages was only 30 years? Much of this is the result of the Black Death, which made many people die very young. Nonetheless, death was a fashion-prized look: many people clogged their faces with white powder to turn pale, and these products contained lead and eventually poisoned and led to death!


Still in health, you probably would not want to have hernia, epilepsy or leprosy: at that time, treatment for them involved castration! Have you thought? How were women "healed"? Another bizarre thing is that in Germany it was often said that kissing a donkey cured a toothache. However, the most common was pulling out an infected tooth - a custom that lasted many centuries, by the way ...

In the Middle Ages, books were so expensive, but so so expensive, that they were often chained to library shelves - and look, the crowd couldn't even read quietly, most could only read aloud. Speaking of expensive produce, black pepper was a very valuable delicacy, often used to pay rent and taxes!

middle Ages


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