9 of the most famous serial killers in the world

Serial killers are criminals who kill people by certain standards, such as traits that trigger some psychological behavior or interest the killer. Usually, the mode of action or the method used to kill the victims is also repeated in the murders.

The following is a list of the world's most famous serial killers, including a female wing and some cases that have inspired books and movies. Get ready for horrible descriptions!

1. Jack the Ripper

Responsible for the murder of prostitutes in the Whitechapel area in London in 1888, Jack never had his identity revealed. However, it has become one of the most famous serial killers in history. Their victims had their internal organs removed almost surgically.

Newspaper announces yet another death by Jack the Ripper Image Source: Wikipedia

The story of Jack the Ripper inspired the graphic novel “From Hell” by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell.

2. Ed Gein

This cruel killer was used as the basis for the construction of the character “Bufallo Bill” from the movie “The Silence of the Innocents”. Ed Gein not only killed but also removed the skin of his victims, exhumed bodies, and decorated the house with parts of the corpses. The skin of the dead was also used to make clothes and furniture. Ed Gein died on July 26, 1984 in a hospice.

Ed Gein inspired the killer of "The Silence of the Lambs" Image Source: Yell Magazine

3. Zodiac Killer

One more name from the list that was never captured. Responsible for five confirmed murders during the 1960s in northern California. However, the serial killer claimed to have killed 37 people and left encoded letters that have not been completely deciphered to this day.

Spoken portrait of the "Zodiac", according to survivor Image Source: Wikipedia

Even today the FBI receives complaints from people who may be the real killer of the zodiac, but it has never reached a concrete conclusion. Books and movies have told this mystery story many times.

4. Charles Manson

This serial killer has reached a level of evil that few have achieved. A leader of a hippie sect in San Francisco in 1967, Manson generally harbored people who rebelled against their parents or had very deep emotional problems. With that, Manson convinced many people to unleash their murderous instincts and steal the richest to bring money to their sect. Usually they wrote messages with the victims' blood on the walls of the place where the murder occurred.

Image source: Wikipedia

5. Albert Fish

Kidnapper, rapist and cannibal with a long history of family insanity. She even sent letters to the relatives of one of her victims, telling details of how she devoured her. It was run on the electric chair.

Image source: Wikipedia

6. Mary Ann Cotton

Englishwoman who killed more than 20 people, including her own children, with arsenic. It is the best known serial killer of all time. Killed three husbands, a lover and several children to get insurance money. She was hanged on March 24, 1873.

Image Source: Mistery

7. Marybeth Tinning

Known for having strangled nine of her children, taking them to the hospital when they were practically dead. It went unnoticed for a long time by the authorities, as they believed that the victims died from genetic conditions in the family. When the same “fatality” happened to an adopted child, doctors became suspicious of Marybeth. She was sentenced to life imprisonment on July 17, 1987.

Image Source: NY Daily News

8. Mary Bell

The third woman on this list by the name of Mary strangled two four- and three-year-olds when she was also a child, just 10 years old. Mary Bell's life is said to have been very hard-hit, as her mother, a rather cruel drunk prostitute, caused several traumatic events during her growth.

Image Source: Anda

9. Dorothea Puente

In 1988, this 60-year-old woman was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of nine people. Owner of a home for the elderly with special needs, Dorothea killed the inmates and continued to receive her benefits.

Image source: MurderpediaWould you suspect such a lady?

* Originally posted on 08/09/2013.