AIDS is a serious matter - find out how to prevent disease!

As you saw in the animation above, while condoms are the most popular method of preventing the transmission of HIV - AIDS, there are other effective ways to prevent them, such as regular HIV testing and postoperative prophylaxis. Exposure (PEP) treatment indicated to prevent the virus from infecting the body.

However, it is very important that this option is only used when the person has not used a condom or injured himself or herself with a sharp object such as needles and syringes. PEP should be used within 72 hours of exposure, and treatment is with medication and lasts 28 days.

In addition, upon finding out that they are carriers of the AIDS virus, patients should start treatment as soon as possible, as by taking the drugs they avoid becoming ill and reduce the chances of transmission to others.

But, reinforcing what we said earlier, the most important thing is that people always beware. And if they find they have the HIV virus, they should start treatment to try to lead a normal life. To learn more, be sure to visit the portal

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