Hurricane Sandy's arrival in New York is astounding [video]

Hurricane Sandy has been one of the worst natural disasters of recent years - not just in the United States, but also in several Central American countries. And if you were wondering what his arrival was like in New York (one of America's largest cities), the video above shows a little more of this amazing process.

The video was created with images captured by public cameras provided by The New York Times. It was up to user Richard Shepherd (who posted everything on YouTube), who decided to time-lapse the images so that you could have a much faster feel. With this, you can see almost 24 hours in less than two minutes.

You can observe the great gusts accompanied by very heavy rains. One of the most striking points of the shoot happens at 42 seconds, when it is possible to see a large number of buildings suffering from the power outage. Certainly, it's one of the most amazing videos ever found about Hurricane Sandy.