The fascinating transformation of an abandoned castle into a work of art

With an unmistakable style that combines geometric structures and vibrant colors, artist Okuda San Miguel is passionate about exhibiting his works in unconventional places. His first paintings were made in factories and abandoned buildings of Santander, his homeland in northern Spain, and can now be seen in dozens of cities around the world, such as Pressigny-les-Pins - 120 kilometers south of Paris.

There, an uninhabited castle 30 years ago had its facade revitalized and transformed into a large mural

From a distance you can see that overlapping geometric shapes create the image of two huge skulls

The 19th century building, once the residence of a family of the French nobility, was acquired by the local town hall to host a very special event in September.

On the occasion, the 10, 000 square meters of the castle interior will be taken over by the interventions of over 100 artists during an artistic festival.

Judging from the outside, the result - when it's done - will be eye-popping.

Used to refurbishing historic buildings, Okuda had already helped turn a century-old church into a skate park.