The story behind the frozen Chinese photo is heartbreaking

You may have seen a picture of a Chinese boy with the frozen hair, eyebrows, and even lashes that began to circulate over the Internet a few days ago. Because if you haven't had a chance to see the image, this is the one we include below - and more than being “Mega Curious, ” the portrait has a very sad story. Check out:

Frozen boy

Poor Bored Panda

According to Iveta of the Bored Panda website, the boy in the photo is eight years old and lives in a village in Xinjie, Yunnan province. He is a student at an elementary school called Zhuanshanbao and his home is about five kilometers from the school - which means the boy walks almost 10 kilometers a day to attend classes.

Daily Challenges

According to the director of the school, the boy is the "clown" of the class and is always ready to entertain the other students. The day the picture was clicked, the boy's class was preparing to start the final exams, and the Chinese boy, who could not miss the exam, faced freezing temperatures to get to school.

Frozen path

Path that the boy travels daily (Bored Panda)

The director said that temperatures dropped sharply that morning to minus nine degrees. But the cold didn't stop the boy who, as you saw in the portrait, almost froze to avoid missing the exam. Still according to the school staff, the boy lives in extreme poverty with a sister and grandmother, and he knows that completing his studies is his best chance for a better future.

Student hands

Isn't it heartbreaking? (Bored Panda)

When the Chinese boy arrived with his ice-covered hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, and his cheeks red from the cold, his classmates were amused, obviously, especially since the boy took it all in for a joke. However, the situation is not funny at all, and represents one of many examples of the difficulties that needy children around the world face in order to study.

(Bored Panda)

(Bored Panda)

(Bored Panda)

(Bored Panda)

In the case of the Chinese boy, after the image was viralized, the school where he studies - and whose facilities are precarious - received more than US $ 15, 000 in donations, as well as 20 heaters and more than 140 pieces. of winter clothes. Good thing some help has come to the little boy, but the story is heartbreaking.