The image of this baby in his father's gloves is thrilling all over the world

A photo of a 3-week-old girl has moved netizens around the world recently. In the picture, the baby smiles as she sleeps with her head on a motorcycle glove, with the other pair's glove positioned over her shoulder. In the background, a helmet.

What really caused the commotion was the story behind the image. The newborn in question, Audrey, came into the world without knowing her father, Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez - cover photo next to his wife - who died in April, a few weeks before her daughter was born.

“He wanted to make sure he was safe as he couldn't take any chances with a baby on the way. However, by an irony of fate, he will never be able to hold his baby. Her life was taken, just 1 month before she was born, by someone he considered his friend. Angels are said to talk to babies when they smile in their sleep. I think that may be true, ”said photographer Kim Stone, who made the record for Andrey.

Sad and exciting


In an interview with the Huffington Post, the photographer said that the baby began to smile as she was positioned between her father's gloves: "I didn't have time to adjust the light or do anything, " she said. “This time, I really needed to pray before the session, ” he added.

Kim explained that the photo was a request from the child's grandmother, who is her neighbor. After posting the image on her Facebook profile on the 11th, little Audrey's photo has been shared over 75, 000 times.

The baby's mother, Kathryn Williams, said she will take prints of Kim's publication in a few weeks to later show her daughter the commotion around the world right after her birth and the number of prayers and positive thoughts she has. received online. "Dad had an impact even after he left and that would have been his dream, " he said.