The Importance Of Fart In A Healthy Relationship

Loving relationships start with that flirting, pompous, and involved striving to always show your most sensual and attractive sides.

Over time, however, we have also shown that we are human beings who pee, poop and fart. It is no use denying or trying to disguise for a long time: at one time or another, that fart that was supposed to be silent ends up echoing and denouncing his intestinal activity.

While this is a bit of a weird taboo for many people - in the Sex And The City series, there was an entire episode just to discuss it - a poll released by The Independent revealed the bright side of this whole thing of being human and farting.

Farting is a sign of intimacy

In a survey of 125 people, it turned out that most of them take between two and six months to drop a fist in front of their loved one - half of them admit to farting in front of their partner without ceremony and a fifth said they were already releasing the gases all in a matter of weeks. There are, however, more reserved bowels, which wait more than a year to do so.

If you are in shock and have been in a relationship for over a year without ever blowing a wind in the back in front of your sweetheart, be aware that you are part of the 7% who say they only fart in the bathroom while possibly whistling and play the tambourine, to disguise the sound well.

Can't hold back

Of the respondents, one-third said it is normal to drop that fist in front of a loved one when one starts sleeping at the other's house more often. Regarding gender, we have a big difference: 73% of people who say they expect the other to give the first fart in the relationship to finally release the intestinal gates are women.

In general, this research shows us that lack of intestinal shyness is a sign of a healthy and comfortable relationship. Looking at our physiological responses as natural and, in some cases, funny, is the best thing to do: it makes everything lighter, more intimate, and perhaps a little more stinky - but nothing that lasts a long time, thankfully.