The Internet Doesn't Forgive: Acre Boy Turns Rain of Memes; see the best

As expected, Brazilians were divided over the disappearance of Bruno de Melo Silva Borges, 24. The mysterious case in the city of Rio Branco, the capital of Acre, has caused some people to try to decipher the boy's messages and to rush to create games on the theme. A third group, however, did what the green-yellow netizen does best and went about creating memes.

Once again, of course it was the Twitter folks who lived up to their fame and made the social network a true barn of images, jokes and curiosities that eventually snatched - at some points of the week - high positions within the national Trending Topics. Check out the most creative or crazy memes on top of the episode that has been intriguing the Brazilian population on and off the internet:

1) Worship? Yes, but without losing the emojis

2) Lyrics beyond deep!

3) If this class can't handle it ...

4) ... Maybe this duo can do it!

5) Guys, how do you guys do it?

6) And that's basically it

7) These young people only give work, tsc!

8) Hard to resist, isn't it?

i swear i won't get involved in these twitter plots anymore

"boy disappears in acre and leaves riddles"


- enrico (@enpobre) April 4, 2017

9) And finally, the message of those who are already full of it

CRAZY! (mix of shocking with amazing) ACRE BOY IS FOUND IN GREELAND:

- Kone (@konelindo) April 4, 2017

Via TecMundo.