The tattoo that is ending a young man's love life

Stories and images of people who were unhappy when choosing the design - or professional - at the time of getting a tattoo abound. But what this young man has done is ruining his love life.

Bartender Lewis Flint of the United Kingdom was 16 when his friends persuaded him to tattoo an image of “Henry Hoover”, that nice vacuum cleaner below, on his genitals.

In tattooing, the device is positioned such that Lewis's penis corresponds to the aspiration tube. In addition, there is a cable that connects the vacuum to the outlet that goes to the "butt" of the young.

Now 21, Lewis admits that he made a big mistake and that tattooing has haunted his relationships, preventing him from getting a girlfriend.

In an interview with the Bodyshockers show, Lewis told about the time he got the tattoo: "When I did, at 16, I couldn't stop showing it, I was the center of attention and a kind of local 'hero'., I loved".

But everything changed when he had his first love interests. Lewis says he was with a girl he liked and things were going well until they took off their clothes. “When she saw, she said 'what is this? I'm out'. I was very upset. I never thought I would regret my tattoo when I got it. "

The young mother says she is not surprised by the reactions of women and believes it should be difficult to take her child seriously when looking at the drawing.

The young man decided to undergo laser removal to try to get his love life back on track. "I know laser removal is painful, but never having sex again would be more painful, " he said.

However, after going through a tattoo removal session, the bartender decided that he would rather live with his mistake. "I don't know how people can handle 20 minutes there. The laser is very painful for me. I'll have to deal with the tattoo."

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