Hardcore camp: Man bakes marshmallow in the mouth of a volcano [video]

Do you like to bake marshmallows over a campfire, but do you think having to light it would be too much work? Do you know of any active volcano giving soup around? If your answers are yes, then you can try a feat similar to Simon Turner, a New Zealand resident who decided there was no better place to enjoy a beer with melted candy than the top of Mount Marum, a “lake of washes persistently alive. ”

The recording, which you can see above, was made by professional cameraman Bradley Ambrose, who has been on the scene several times with his most adventurous countrymen. On the volcano, located on Ambrym Island (part of the Republic of Vanuatu), the cameraman accompanied extreme nature event expert Geoff Mackley to film the closest surface fire scenes that have ever been shot - and which you see below.

As is customary on the internet, many people have claimed that the scene with the marshmallows is false, as temperatures on the site can reach 1, 250 ° C. Although we can not guarantee anything, it is noteworthy that Ambrose has great experience with the volcano and that, in an attempt prior to the recording with protective clothing, Mackley managed to descend 30 meters away from the lava surface while wearing only a T-shirt and shorts.

Finally, it should be noted that there is a distance of about 396 meters between the cliff top and the flaming lake and that there is a surface of about 2.3 meters of barren ash and rocks that allows a small camp. Added to this is the fact that a good camera angle can do miracles for a shoot, and we can say that the result is at least fun - and may even be real.