Believe me, there are mountains and valleys under all the Antarctic ice.

Think fast: When we remember Antarctica, what comes to mind? If you answered ice then you are in tune with most people. The icy continent, as it is known, has the strongest winds on the planet, as well as being the driest, and can reach -40 ° C in summer, a true polar desert.

However, have you ever thought that it could be a continent like any other, with valleys, mountains and mountain ranges? Believe me, this whole landscape exists in Antarctica, but hidden under 40, 000 years of accumulated ice. Unfortunately, only a radar can capture all of this under impressive depth.

In order to study the area, NASA recently sent a piece of equipment to the place, enjoying that it is summer in the region. Polar scientists like to enjoy the season to do their research, as drilling is easier and deeper in the ice core. It should reach 1, 500 meters deep.

Airplanes equipped with ultra-powerful radars, from which microwave signals penetrate through land, recorded the image you see above. You can differentiate ice from rock because of the different echoes they emit, making possible a new Antarctic view that we know to this day, made up of snow alone.