Teen falls into coma after 16-hour video game marathon

Long periods in front of the video game are not always healthy, and some extreme cases can lead to very serious situations, such as the young man who passed out and died after playing 40 straight hours of Diablo III. This time, however, a Norwegian teenager fell into a coma in the hospital after drinking four liters of energy drinks during a Call of Duty marathon.

Henrik Eide Dahl, 14, drank about 16 cans of Red Bull during the 16 hours he was playing video games at a themed party about a month ago. The heavy caffeine intake caused the young man to faint in the school cafeteria, being immediately taken to the local hospital and where he remained in a coma until a few days ago.

Image Source: Reproduction / Daily Mail

"It was very scary, " said the young man when he woke up and saw his brothers crying near his bed. “I learned that it's not good to drink so many energy drinks. But I'm getting better every day, ”says Dahl.

Doctor Anne Katherine Duns, who took care of the boy throughout the hospital, revealed that Henrik could easily have died in this situation. “It was an extremely life-threatening condition, ” he said. "The central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the lungs and kidneys were affected."

The young man's health, however, is stabilizing and he is already taking medications to control his blood pressure - so much that in a few days he will be able to leave the hospital. But your story can serve as a lesson so that no one overdoes even having fun in front of the small screens, right?

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