After all, how did the people in Pompeii die?

Last week, he viralized the photo of a man from Pompeii who died with his hand in the pelvic area - many believed he was masturbating by the time Vesuvius exploded. Since this is impossible to specify, let's stick to the facts. After all, how did these people die?

When a volcano like Vesuvius explodes, people don't have much reaction time. The pyroclastic flow, that cloud of gas and smoke that erupts from the explosion, reaches temperatures up to 1, 500 degrees Celsius! So even before people realize they are in danger, they have already cooked!

This is why many of them appear with bent arms and legs, as the intense heat makes the skin turn pururuca and wriggle automatically - something that may justify the position of the "Pompeii masturbator". Because of this, many believe that the residents of Pompeii and Herculaneum died even before the lava avalanche arrived.

Animals were also surprised by the volcano explosion

When their bodies cooked and melted, a pocket of air formed where they were located. It is these pockets that researchers fill with sculptures that reveal the shape of the people and animals who succumbed to the tragedy.

Some scientists say, though, that even though people have been cooked, it is quite likely that the gases killed them asphyxiation even before the heat wave ended their lives. In all scenarios, it is highly unlikely that anyone would have thought of “touching a little one” before they died - there would be no time!

Intense heat may have triggered the final movements of the people of Pompeii and Herculaneum