After all, is the new Lion King another animation or live-action movie?

Last Thursday (22), Disney once again broke the internet by launching the trailer for the live-action version of “The Lion King” and reaching 224.6 million views in 24 hours - the largest for Disney. and second largest for any movie, second only to the 230 million views of "Avengers: Infinite Warfare", which, though Disney, sells itself as Marvel.

However, with the release of the trailer, a question came up: wouldn't it be a new animation, since the movie is all CGI? A lot of people believe the term live-action refers only to movies with human characters, but the definition is a bit beyond that. In fact, a movie must be filmed for it to be considered live action.

To put it better: In animations, both traditional and computer animations, the basic process includes only designers and creatives. For a movie to be considered live-action, a camera must be filming the scenes. And that's exactly what happened with the new “The Lion King, ” which, despite being almost entirely CGI, featured cast recordings made against a green background, using motion captures and ultra-modern animation technologies.

Lion King

The Lion King: Two Animations with Different Techniques?

Still, since much of the completion was done on computers, including all characters, “The Lion King” can be considered a hybrid of animation and live action. Therefore, some people prefer to call it "virtual production", abandoning the other two terms just to not create room for doubt.

Director Jon Favreau is not a newcomer to this technique, having been responsible for 2016's “Mogli - The Wolf Boy”, which was one of the first live-actions of the new Disney remake. The film was a smash hit, grossing over $ 960 million in box office worldwide and winning the Oscar for best visual effects. The human portion of the film basically boiled down to Mogli (Neel Sethi), while the animals were all finished on computers.


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