After all, what is the real range power of North Korean missiles?

We have been following the rising tensions in East Asia in recent weeks, with North Korea threatening to go to war with neighboring US ally South Korea. The country has even displaced some of its missiles, leaving them in position along its east coast, sending clear messages of warning and provocation to enemies.

However, after using Photoshop to increase its maritime fleet, what will be the real range power of North Korean missiles? In theory, the devices could hit Los Angeles, but, given the North Korean military's custom of "masking" information related to their war power, The Washington Post decided to create a map to show how far such missiles really were. can arrive.

Check out the map below:

Image Source: Reproduction / The Washington Post

According to the map, the longer-range missiles - Taepodong-2, 30 meters long and capable of over 6, 700 kilometers - could reach Alaska, but would not pass Canada, thus offering no risk of reaching the other US states. There is, however, a risk that the North Koreans would launch the KN-8 (which does not appear on the map), with the supposed range of over 9, 500 kilometers.

Luckily, none of these artifacts have been tested yet, so it is unknown even if they work. Moreover, apparently North Korean armaments are famous for not being very accurate there. However, while no one knows for sure which of the artifacts the North Koreans placed, the truth is that some of them could cause serious damage to neighboring countries, especially South Korea, China and Japan.