Some of the most bizarre animal attacks of all time

In some urbanized cities of the world, it is common the appearance of wildlife that may or may not live peacefully with humans. In many cases, these animals cause great inconvenience, either with just a mess in the household trash or even a more serious attack.

Between killer snakes, pit bulls, kangaroos and wild cats, the animal kingdom can be a bit daunting when it hits the quiet routine of urban people. Check out some of the cases of animal attacks that have come to light in recent years.

1 - Treacherous Kangaroo

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For those who think that the kangaroo is known only for being that bouncy and funny animal, know that it can also be quite violent. An Australian woman who says so because she was attacked by such an animal while walking down the street to pick up her daughter at school. Though frightening, this wasn't the first time Kirrily McWilliams had encountered this same kangaroo.

Hours earlier, after this animal had broken into her house and attacked her 64-pound dog, she called the National Park and Wildlife Service, which told her only to ignore the animal that he was leaving. Then that same afternoon the kangaroo confronted her in the street. She was cornered and struck by the animal, suffering a deep cut in the back. But the sequence of events doesn't stop there.

While she was being medicated at the hospital, her husband was attacked by the same kangaroo in his backyard, but he managed to defend himself with a gardening tool. The next day, a shooter was granted a license to shoot the kangaroo if he appeared, but by then the animal had already sent off and was making other victims along the way.

2 - Sneaky Python Snake

Imagine you have a one year old. Now imagine you coming to the baby's room and being surprised by a snake wrapped around the child's leg. Scary, isn't it? That's what happened in a city in the US state of Illinois. A one-year-old boy was attacked by a python snake, which was a neighbor's next-door pet.

It is unclear how the snake arrived in the baby's room, but it slipped into the crib, curled around its leg, and bit the child's foot. His father, Devin Winans, heard his son's cry and quickly went to see what was happening when he felt something move and saw the snake, removing it immediately. The baby suffered bruises and cuts in the foot, but fortunately had no more serious damage or poisoning. Police later determined that the snake was not in a safe place and ordered the owner to appear in court.

3 - Threatening Puma

35-year-old Canadian Angie Prime was relaxing peacefully on her couch when she felt a strange presence in her living room. An old - but not meek - cougar had come into his house through an open screen door. Before she had time to think of running away, the animal attacked her.

Luckily, she enlisted the help of her border collie dog to touch the big pussy in the house. In addition, the neighbors heard the woman's screams and called the police, who quickly killed the wild cat.

4 - Ferret Hurricane

Image Source: Reproduction / Global Grind

British Chloe Knowles was strolling with her baby on a street in her hometown of England when she was suddenly surprised by a crazy ferret who jumped in front of her and jumped into the stroller, starting to attack the child. There was time for the light animal to gnaw the finger of the 10-month-old baby's hand, but fortunately the firefighters arrived quickly and the child was taken to hospital and treated without sequelae.

5 - Pit bull killer

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A prostitute lost her arm and left leg after being locked in an abandoned house with a killer pit bull. The woman, Robin Johnson, was taken to the house (in Florida) by Ian Summers, and the place was empty due to a previous narcotics investigation. However, someone still lived there: a hungry and violent pit bull dog. When the two entered the house, the dog attacked.

In desperation, the man fled without worrying about his companion and closed the door, leaving the girl at the mercy of the animal, which attacked her furiously. The woman was in a coma for days and suffered a double amputation.

6 - Bloodthirsty Foxes

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In 2010, the nine-month-old twin girls, Lola and Isabella, were attacked by foxes in their bedroom in a neighborhood of London, England. According to the Daily Mail, the children's parents said they saw a horror movie set when they heard their crying, finding both of them bruised and bloodied with a fox in their bedroom.

The animal entered a porch of the open house and, after the parents' complaint, the police found and killed four foxes in the garden of the residence. The girls suffered many injuries, one of which had to spend more than a week in intensive care hospital.