In addition to iguanas, alligators are also “freezing” in the cold of the US.

Recently, we at Mega Curioso shared here the news that “frozen” iguanas were falling from trees in Florida as a result of the intense cold wave that has been battering North America in recent days. For now information has begun to circulate that alligators in North Carolina are freezing too. Take a look at this!

Very cold

According to Keith Wagstaff of Mashable, the images above were shot at Shallotte River Swamp Park, an ecotourism-focused park with outdoor attractions that houses swamp and alligator areas. Except that the low temperatures hit the place and ended up freezing the waters in some places, making life difficult for reptiles.

Similar to what is happening to iguanas in Florida, as alligators are cold-blooded animals, the low temperatures affect the way their blood circulates in their bodies and leads to a drop in metabolic activity. Thus, the cold is causing the animals to enter a state similar to hibernation.

As you may have already guessed, the alligators are not dead or become frozen lizards. According to Keith, because reptiles need to keep breathing during this state of deep lethargy, they broke the ice sheet that formed over the water so that it could stick its “nose” out. Luckily, if the weather forecast is right, the bugs will soon be back to normal, as the expectation is that the freezing wave will start to cease later in the week.