American succeeds with giant revolver-shaped mailbox

Roger Buchko is a 49-year-old New Jersey American who decided to invest in a different strategy to try to get around with his business - a small metal parts manufacturing company. Buchko's solution was to build a giant revolver to get the attention of his customers.

The American says he saw a similar project on the internet and thought he could do better. To do this, he decided to build a replica of a 44 Magnum by Smith & Wesson and put it in place of his mailbox, where everyone could see his creation. What he didn't expect was to get the attention of people around the world.


According to NY Daily News, the professional took about four months to complete the project. During this time, Buchko devoted himself daily for two hours to building the revolver of enviable proportions. The size of a pickup truck, the finished piece weighs about 160 pounds and was installed on a steel base weighing about 550 pounds.

Most of the materials used were pieces of wood Buchko already had at home, but it was his neighbor who donated the 20 cm diameter PVC pipe so that he could make the revolver barrel.

Image Source: Reproduction / The Daily Mail

Most people liked Buchko's project, so much so that some even stop to take pictures. Before building the piece, the American was careful to talk to local authorities to make sure he was not breaking any laws with his new mailbox. Still, the official points out that the purpose of building the artifact was simply to try to attract more customers to your business, without having any political connotations.

Buchko told NY Daily News that the strategy has not yet yielded much results, but he remains confident.