Before Twitter: The Best Truck Bumper Phrases

In the 1950s, long before MSN status and 140-character tweets, the crash phrases came from the trucks that ran the Brazilian highways. Undisputed part of national folklore, bumper phrases have long been featured in travel and made their way into car magazines such as Quatro Rodas.

The custom arose in Argentina, still in the late 19th century, when the "hermanos" stylized their wagons. Today, the tradition has been losing ground, with outsourced fleets and some customers who do not hire trucks with signs.

As Quatro Rodas magazine described in the section devoted to the subject: “Truck driver has a sense of humor, irony, a great spirit, simple, no brain stunts and therefore immediate and effective.”

  • I was born toothless and alive in the toothbrush;
  • As things go, neither are the woods virgins;
  • Widow is like green wood: she cries, but catches fire;
  • Mini skirt is like installment: the shorter the better;
  • In the cleavage of the horizon I see the breasts of longing;

  • Never kiss at the gate: love is blind, but the neighbor is not;
  • You earn little, but it's fun;
  • If marriage were good, it would not need witnesses;
  • When a man is worth money, he softly serves as change;

  • If you can smile when things go wrong, you already know who to blame;
  • Today I found crying who in the past laughed at me;
  • Before I dreamed, today I do not sleep;
  • Be patient on the road not to be patient in the hospital;

  • Mother-in-law is not related, it is punishment;
  • Happy was Adam, who had no mother-in-law or truck;
  • I don't send my mother-in-law to hell because I pity the devil;
  • Two things kill suddenly: wind in the back and mother-in-law in front;
  • Here lies my mother-in-law: rest in peace!

  • In the deck of life I stayed for a lady;
  • The greatest weight in this world is a light woman;
  • You with so much curve and me in the middle without brake;
  • Woman is like a road: being good is dangerous;

  • If the breast was a horn, the driver would not sleep at night;
  • Mom prays for a daughter-in-law;
  • Love turned gray because I sent ember;
  • The wealth of a poor is the loyalty of a sincere woman;
  • In the curves of your body I fell my heart;

* Posted on 8/21/2015