Learn how to wrap your Christmas presents like the Japanese do [video]

The Japanese are artists in everything, don't they think? They have the mastery of origami - the art of folding paper in many different formats - and it is obvious that they would take these teachings into practice. The video above shows the walkthrough of how they wrap their gifts.

The technique is the same as we showed in another video, published here at Mega last year. However, this time the boy teaches the tricks in detail for the perfect folding. And if you think it's hard, it seems not, huh? With a little practice at home, you will already be able to work in any store there in Japan!

Also, this is a great alternative for those who usually give their gifts in bags with bows or in traditional packages. The person who gets the treat will want to learn the technique and you will be able to teach someone something new. And that is the maximum! So do not waste time, watch the video and learn now!


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