Presenter Jimmy Fallon sings Christina Aguilera in a duet with Sophia robot

Jimmy Fallon, host of the US talk show The Tonight Show, participated in a duet singing with none other than Sophia, the famous robot gifted with artificial intelligence and frighteningly human features (see Strange Valley or Uncanny Valley). This is not the first time the host has been with Sophia, but this time, the duo was responsible for more than weird - and very funny - scenes.

During the segment called “Showbotics, ” where Fallon exhibits curious robotics inventions, Sophia returned to “The Tonight Show” and introduced her “younger sister, ” a small version of the robot called Little Sophia. Sophia then announced that she had learned to sing using her artificial intelligence system and invited Jimmy Fallon to sing along with her.

After “downloading the song”, Sophia and Fallon had it sent to Christina Aguilera's version of “Say Something”, which despite remembering a lot those songs that needed a lot of Pro Tools correction to be in tune, didn't miss it. romanticism. Check out the following video:


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Presenter Jimmy Fallon sings Christina Aguilera in duet with Sophia robot via TecMundo