After 13 male children, couple returns from motherhood with one more boy

Many modern couples claim that they want to have at most two children: a boy and a girl. For Americans Jay and Kateri Schwandt of Michigan (USA), this is difficult to achieve, since, on Wednesday (18), they had their 14th child. And the most curious thing is that they are all men!

The father of 14 boys, Jay, claims that it wasn't exactly a surprise to them. The family is already used to so much testosterone in the house that it would be unusual if a girl were born. "It would have been nice to have a girl, but we're excited to have another boy, " he said. Finley was born shortly before 6 pm, weighing 3.7 kg.


Finley on Daddy's lap: boy will have 13 male brothers

To support all the guys, Jay works in real estate. Already Kateri quit the job of social worker to devote to the family. Both are 43 years old and believe the "factory" has closed. Even so, they already thought that when they had the 13th guy two years ago, so anything is possible.

Finley joins the boys Tyler (25), Zach (22), Drew (21), Brandon (19), Tommy (16), Vinny (15), Calvin (12), Gabe (11), Wesley (9), Charlie (8), Luke (6), Tucker (4) and Francisco (2). Have you ever imagined memorizing everyone's name? There is a head!


Family reunited 2 years ago after birth of 13th child

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