Spider is startled when leaving a banana by cutting the peel [video]

If you like bananas, be careful watching this video. If you like bananas and are afraid of spiders then disregard watching it. Published in June, the video showing a spider escaping from a banana peel has spread and has already astonished over 6.5 million people.

Recording a little over a minute begins by focusing on part of a banana, on the side where the cable appears, at which point the camera hangs, and so on until the end. Right at the beginning of the video come some sentences written by the author of the publication. “ I just wanted to eat a banana when I noticed something weird. Did you see that? ”Asks the person in charge of the recording just before strange movements start happening inside the banana peel.

After 20 seconds the shell breaks, but it is not yet possible to know what it is. Soon after, with an already larger hole, it is possible to observe the moment when two paws appear quickly and are retracted. The hole continues to widen until in the last seconds of the video the shell finally breaks, a spider falls out and the author's last sentence: "I ate an apple".

If you do a quick search on the internet, you will know that there are records of other cases of insect spiders or eggs found on bananas. But none like that, with one apparently stuck inside the shell. The peculiarity of the case even made some netizens question the recording, claiming it was a montage and that there would be a visible cut in the image by which the spider would have been placed inside the banana.

In fact, it is not possible to see the whole fruit to know if there is no cut, as the recording focuses on only part of it. But what about you reader, what do you think? It's Photoshop? Is it really a spider that came from inside the banana? And if so, how did she get there? Be sure to comment on our comments!

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