Soviet architecture: the unusual beauty of communist-era buildings

Spomenik Monuments, Former Yugoslavia (Image source: Reproduction / The Awl)

It seems quite contradictory to think that the buildings built in the former Soviet Union during the communist regime could be anything but functional concrete blocks. However, the reality is that there is a veritable collection of works that are quite successful today illustrating books on the newly discovered “Soviet architecture”.

According to The Awl, although no one expects to find interesting buildings across Eastern Europe, there are some structures that stand out in the midst of the tedious sea of ​​gray. So much so that some of these buildings seem to have come out of sci-fi movies, having a very interesting visual impact. Check out some of these examples in the gallery below:

Spomenik Monuments, Former Yugoslavia

House of Soviets, Kaliningrad

Chemnitz Stadhalle, former eastern Germany

Centrosoyuz Building, Moscow

Gosprom Building, Krakow

Soviet Embassy in Cuba

Red Flag Textile Factory, Saint Petersburg

Polytechnic Institute of Minsk, Belarus

Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and Development

Spomenik Monuments, Former Yugoslavia

Druzhba Sanatorium, Ukraine