Accidental Art: 15 Times When Chance Created Unusual Scenes

Has it ever happened to you to spill something and the stain to draw something unusual, such as profiles, silhouettes or geometric shapes? Or are you walking down the street and coming across accidental “works of art” created from lights, shadows or some other element? Because Sarune Mac from Bored Panda has put together an interesting selection of such images - and we at Mega Curious have selected some of the coolest for you to check out:

1 - Fence transformed by cold and snow

Frozen fence

(Bored Panda / imgur / Greien218)

2 - Oranges photographed through the window of a greenhouse


(Bored Panda / Reddit / mikeleus)

3 - Reflections in a broken mirror

Reflections in Broken Mirror

(Bored Panda / Reddit / sivribiber)

4 - Patterns created by lights and shadows

Light and shadow effect

(Bored Panda / Reddit / BookerDeWittsCarbine)

5 - Silhouette of a large metropolis? No ... the scene was created by some spilled water

Spilled Water Profiles

(Bored Panda / Reddit / Roccobot)

6 - Not a Monet ... It's a common landscape seen through the very dirty glass of a car.

Not a Monet

(Bored Panda / Reddit / buzzy5)

7 - Volcano Erupting in a Simple Can of Paint

Can of paint

(Bored Panda / Reddit / sylvester49)

8 - Nature's work on a tree trunk

Tree trunk

(Bored Panda / Reddit / fudsworth)

9 - Another work of nature…

Tree in tree trunk

(Bored Panda / imgur / AbortedGallow)

10 - Mountains from the dirt

Art in the dust

(Bored Panda / Reddit / maybeimnotlying)

11 - It looks like a painting, but it's tree trunks

Colorful trunks

(Bored Panda / Reddit / Proteon)

12 - Geographic Coffee

Geographic Coffee

(Bored Panda / Reddit / praesespilsbaas)

13 - A galaxy inside a paint can

Paint can galaxy

(Bored Panda / Reddit / LoganQBerry)

14 - Natural Picture

Natural picture

(Bored Panda / Reddit / PifflesTheGreat)

15 - Hundreds of pixels

Dry leaf

(Bored Panda / Reddit / kittyskid)

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