Chinese artist reproduces detailed busts in hand sculptures

Yan Junhai is a humble resident of Changsha City, Hunan Province, China. Owner of an admirable talent, the artist creates sculptures of busts with a fascinating wealth of details, using clay as a masterpiece, allowing him great versatility in modeling.

Popularly known on the internet after his replica of the 2018 World Cup, Yan continues to amaze locals and tourists who walk the streets of Hunan Capital, however, currently reproducing his art in an even more dynamic and unique way.

Junhai uses the same material already used in the replica Cup, clay, an element easily found in nature, simple to handle and widely used in the making of handicrafts. In addition to being a cheap raw material, it offers a multitude of options to realize the ideas of creation.

(Source: Oddity Central / Reproduction)

Yan Junhai has gained a lot of success in Chinese social media, from the dissemination of a video by network users. After publication, the China Global Television Network, CGTN, shared this story so that the artist and his work could be seen in a larger, worldwide dimension.

According to the CGTN, this Yan Junhai talent comes from the cradle, as the gift of turning clay into sculptures has been passed on for five generations. In addition, Yan himself has been perfecting the techniques over the years.

The artist develops the sculptures from clay and molds it, using only his hands and a thin clay knife, creating busts of people who pass by and pose. In minutes the little statue is ready, with all the features and characteristics that the royal face presents.

After so much repercussion, Yan Junhai came to be known not only for replicating pieces and objects, but also for perfectly propagating realistic street art. Eternalizing faces and expressions, the artist makes his work unique, charming and surprising.