The 25 Best TV Series Ever

Finished your marathons and don't know what to watch? Not Only New Netflix Series Should Live Your Weekend! How about giving a chance for an old but quality program? Rolling Stone magazine made a list of the best sitcoms ever! Check it out and choose your next addiction:

25. Veep (in the air)

First episode: April 22, 2012

A spin-off of Britain's "The Tick of It" on "Veep" follows the life of former Senator Selina Meyer, now US Vice President, who is unprepared to face the possibility of taking over from the president when his health reaches a critical state.

Selina and her team will find that nothing is as expected and will have to work hard to deal with the intrigues of class politics.

24. Friday Night Lights

First episode: October 3, 2006

Final episode: February 9, 2011

The highly acclaimed "Friday Night Lights" series is inspired by the movie and book of the same title and takes place today in the fictional rural town of Dillon, Texas. There, the character Eric commands the pride of the locality: the football team The Panthers, which has great chances of becoming champion. Locals greatly value the team's chance to take the title, and despite the high stakes and sweet payoff, the pressure is great! Eric has quite a challenge: keeping the players on the right track and their morale intact.

23. Deadwood

First episode: March 21, 2004

Final episode: August 27, 2006

In 1877, the Black Hills camp in Deadwood is the most civilization-like thing a person can find on his way to hell. Without law or scruples, this border Babel risks being annexed to the US, to the dissatisfaction of all those who saw the opportunity for easy and illicit enrichment there.

22. Louie (in the air)

First Episode: June 29, 2010

"Louie" is a comedy from the humorous point of view of Louis CK. With each episode, we get to know a new aspect of his chaotic life as a successful stand-up comedy star and father of two newly divorced daughters. The comedy, filmed with just one camera, is a mix of the actor's show and scripted short films.

21. The Office (UK)

First episode: July 9, 2001

Final episode: December 27, 2003

“The Office” is an English comedy that shows the day to day life of employees at an office in the fictional “Wherham Hogg Paper Company” that makes paper.

20. Cheers

First episode: September 30, 1982

Final episode: May 20, 1993

The "Cheers" series is set at retired baseball star Sam Malone's bar, where customers talk about daily problems, have fun and support when one needs them.

19. Curb Your Enthusiasm

First episode: October 15, 2000

Final episode: September 11, 2011

Each episode of "Safe Wave" shows the life of Larry David (who plays himself) at home, at work, and all over the city of Los Angeles as he faces unpleasant situations with fictional personalities. real life.

The series features a number of celebrities - some playing themselves - as well as the regular cast featuring Jeff Garlin (as manager Jeff Greene) and Cheryl Hine (as wife Cheryl).

18. Star Trek

First episode: September 8, 1966

Final Episode: June 3, 1969

The series chronicles the adventures of the USS Voyager spacecraft crew on their Delta Quadrant journey, looking for a way to return to the Alpha Quadrant, where they disappeared during a mission in an area known as the Badlands. Leading the team is Captain Kathryn Janeway, the first woman to command a Federation ship in more than 30 years of Star Trek history and confront her former enemies, the Maquis.

17. Twin Peaks

First episode: April 8, 1990

Final episode: June 10, 1991

Laura Palmer's death is surrounded by mysteries, leaving the city of Twin Peaks full of doubts. When FBI Agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry Truman start investigating the case, they realize that several members of the community are involved and have dark secrets.

16. M * A * S * H

First episode: September 17, 1972

Final episode: February 28, 1983

A military group finds that laughter is the best medicine while caring for wounded during the Korean War.

15. The West Wing

First episode: September 22, 1999

Last episode: 2006

The series features events in the White House, specifically in the west wing, the nerve center of the place, where the president (Martin Sheen) and his direct aides work.

14. The Larry Sanders Show

First episode: August 15, 1992

Final episode: May 31, 1998

The series shows the entire production of the Larry Sanders Show, a nightly and of course fictional talk show.

13. Late Night with David Letterman

First episode: February 1, 1982

Final episode: June 25, 1993

Unlike other programs on the list, this is a talk show run by David Letterman, being the first modern version of CBS's "Late Show."

12. Game of Thrones (airborne)

First episode: April 17, 2011

“Game of Thrones” is an HBO series adapted from the books written by George RR Martin, compiled in the series “The Chronicles of Ice and Fire, ” “A Song of Ice and Fire, ” consisting of seven volumes, five of which are already published.

Since its debut in 2011, it has become HBO's biggest series, winning fans around the world, fascinated by its stories of intrigue, power struggle, love, honor and fortune, the yearnings that pervade the lives of fictional inhabitants. Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, in a time inspired by the Middle Ages and permeated by supernatural elements.

11. Freaks and Geeks

First episode: September 25, 1999

Final Episode: July 8, 2000

Lindsay Weir is a smart, school-focused young woman, but after her grandmother's death, she begins to live with a group of “black sheep” from high school.

10. The Daily Show (air)

First episode: July 22, 1996

The Daily Show is a news show that satirizes US politics.

9. All in the Family

First episode: January 12, 1971

Final episode: April 8, 1979

Archie Bunker is a hard-working family man who is always arguing with someone over his conservative point of view, especially with brother-in-law Mike Stivic.

8. Saturday Night Live (on air)

First episode: October 11, 1975

“Saturday Night Live” has captured the American public for irreverence, corrosive humor and becoming a true barn for new talents of the art of laughing. The show has been nominated more than 50 times for the Emmy, winning at least 15 awards over the years. Apparently it will go on for much longer than anyone could imagine.

7. The Twilight Zone - Beyond Imagination

First episode: October 2, 1959

Final episode: April 15, 1989

“Beyond Imagination” is a mix of science fiction, suspense, fantasy and horror, blending time travel, parallel worlds and many fantastic appearances.

6. The Simpsons (in the air)

First episode: December 17, 1989

The longest running animated series in history and the longest prime-time sitcom on television, “The Simpsons” is also a cultural institution. Cleverly written with subversive and deliciously ingenious humor, the program has been critically praised and has won numerous awards, including one Peabody, seventeen Emmy, twelve Annie, three Genesis, seven International Monitor and four Environmental Media.

5. Seinfeld

First episode: July 5, 1989

Final episode: May 14, 1998

The best series about nothing is probably the most correct definition of "Seinfeld". The series consists of four main characters who discuss and analyze the most common facts of the day with good doses of irony, humor and selfishness. Relationships, problems at work, and the most futile affairs are observed from the perspective of Jerry Seinfeld, a full-time comedian, Elaine Banes, Jerry's malicious ex-girlfriend Cosmo Kramer, the eccentric neighbor of the humorist, and George Constanza, Jerry's unlucky, neurotic friend.

4. Mad Men

First episode: July 19, 2007

Final episode: May 17, 2015

It doesn't matter what you are or what you want, but how you sell yourself. This is the motto of "Mad Men". At Sterling Cooper, a major advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York, the competition between men and women is fierce. They make advertising the art of persuasion and put their personal lives up for sale.

3. Breaking Bad

First episode: January 20, 2008

Final episode: 29 September 2013

The drama "Breaking Bad" tells the story of Walter White, a humble chemistry teacher who sees his life change when he discovers he has terminal cancer. With a brilliant background as a researcher, Walter now has a terrible financial situation working as a teacher in a high school. With his modest salary, he supports his wife, Skyler, and their son, Walter Jr., who suffers from cerebral palsy. Walter is desperate to realize that his family will be in need after his death and decides that he will do anything so that they do not suffer from a lack of money.

2. The Wire

First episode: June 2, 2002

Final episode: March 9, 2008

The streets of Baltimore boil again. Drug lords are winning the war and a desperate authority wants to change things before the elections. Traffickers expand business beyond their usual territory, while McNulty and his team try to adapt to a new strategy. With a disturbing plot, raw and straightforward language and great cast, "A Escuta" (Portuguese title) explores the police genre to the limit.

1. The Sopranos

First episode: January 10, 1999

Final episode: June 10, 2007

Tony Soprano tries to be a good householder on two fronts: for his wife, their children and his widowed mother, and as a New Jersey mafia boss. The pressures at work and at home cause anxiety attacks, so Tony begins to consult with a therapist - something quite unusual in his social circle that could eventually kill him. On top of that, Tony is haunted by the feeling that the glory days of the mafia are long over and that he may not be able to reach the same level as the titans of the past. Mamma Mia! It is enough to make anyone seek treatment!

Full list:

100 - Eastbound and Down
99 - Oz
98 - The Golden Girls
97 - Portlandia
96 - Gunsmoke
95 - Key & Peele
94 - Jeopardy
93 - Mystery Science Theater 3000
92 - American Idol
91 - Broad City
90 - The Dick Van Dyke Show
89 - Homeland
88 - Party Down
87 - Doctor Who
86 - Good Times
85 - The Real World
84 - Real Time With Bill Maher
83 - House of Cards
82 - The Jeffersons
81 - Dallas
80 - The Fugitive
79 - In Living Color
78 - Thirtysomething
77 - The Walking Dead
76 - Late Night with Conan O'Brien
75 - American Crime Story: The People vs - OJ Simpson
74 - The Ren & Stimpy Show
73 - Transparent
72 - Girls
71 - Mr. Show
70 - Roseanne
69 - The Ed Sullivan Show
68 - The State
67 - The Odd Couple
66 - Downtown Abbey
65 - Happy Days
64 - Chappelle's Show
63 - The Wonder Years
62 - Sex and the City
61 - Your Show of Shows
60 - Beavis and Butt-Head
59 - Hill Street Blues
58 -Roots
57 - Fawlty Towers
56 - 24
55 - Six Feet Under
54 - The Muppet Show
53 - The Bob Newhart Show
52 - The Colbert Report
51 - Fargo
50 - ER
49 - Taxi
48 - The Office
47 - The Rockford Files
46 - The Mary Tyler Moore Show
45 - Battlestar Galactica
44 - Columbus
43 - The Americans
42 - NYPD Blue
41 - The Honeymooners
40 - The Shield
39 - Lost
38 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
37 - Orange is the New Black
36 - Law & Order
35 - My So-Called Life
34 - 30 Rock
33 - South Park
32 - I Love Lucy
31 - Sesame Street
30 - The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson
29 - Monty Python's Flying Circus
28 - The X-Files
27 - Arrested Development
26 - Friends
25 - Veep
24 - Friday Night Lights
23 - Deadwood
22 - Louie
21 - The Office (United Kingdom)
20 - Cheers
19 - Curb Your Enthusiasm
18 - Star Trek
17 - Twin Peaks
16 - M * A * S * H
15 - The West Wing
14 - The Larry Sanders Show
13 - Late Night with David Letterman
12 - Game of Thrones
11 - Freaks and Geeks
10 - The Daily Show
09 - All In The Family
08 - Saturday Night Live
07 - The Twilight Zone
06 - The Simpsons
05 - Seinfeld
04 - Mad Men
03 - Breaking Bad
02 - The Wire
01 - The Sopranos