The 5 Most Expensive Barbies of All Time

The most famous doll in the world is about to turn 60! Barbie was launched in 1959 and has never gone out of style. Today there are thousands of models, but some stand out for the elegance and flaunting of extremely expensive jewelry. Check out the most valuable models of all time:

5. Devi Kroell's Barbie: $ 1, 075

New York-based Austrian Devi Kroell is accustomed to designing highly luxurious pieces and designed a special Barbie for a 2010 Fashion Council of America charity event. The doll wore gold high-top boots and a black sweater with a knot at the front, in one hand she carried a pink leather bag and the other cuff was a silver bracelet. To finish, she had an elegant hairstyle pulled back.

Devi Kroell's Barbie

4. Lorraine Schwartz's Barbie: $ 7, 500

Another very expensive Barbie sold in 2010 was designed by jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. The outfit is simple: a basic black tube with the legs out. However, the jewelry increased the value of the doll, since there are stones in the earrings, shoes, bracelets and "B" placed on the waist - the latter even had a diamond valued at over $ 25, 000, so his Buyer at auction must have come out on profit!

Lorraine Schwartz's Barbie

3. Original Barbie: $ 27, 450

The first Barbie hit the shelves in 1959 wearing only a black bench swimsuit and a heeled shoe. The glasses are the only prop she carries, but even so, an original Barbie may be worth a small fortune, as only 350, 000 units were produced, but the vast majority couldn't stand the weather.

Original barbie

2. De Beers Barbie 40 Year Special Edition: $ 80, 000

De Beers diamond mining and trading company partnered with Mattel in 1999 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world's most famous doll. The outfit resembles that of a gypsy dancer, but what makes the collector's item more expensive is the 160 diamonds strung across the strap and bra.

De Beers Barbie

1. Stefano Canturi's Barbie: $ 302, 500

Would you pay over $ 1 million for a doll? For this expensive Barbie was sold for the $ 302, 500 "bagatelle" in 2010 at an auction in New York. It was designed by designer Stefano Canturi and features a cubist style necklace with three carats of white diamonds and 1 carat of pink emerald cut diamond, straight from Australia - a rare item! The doll also has a diamond ring and a black dress. The money raised was donated to a foundation that studies breast cancer.

Stefano Canturi's Barbie


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