The 5 Most Beautiful (and Dangerous) Landscapes on Planet Earth

Planet Earth has spectacular places full of unrivaled natural beauty. We who live in Brazil know this very well. And it was thinking about portraying a little of the most beautiful on our planet that Cracket made this very interesting list.

The site listed five of the most amazing places on earth. However, they also took into account another factor: the danger. That way, the listing brings locations that not only look amazing, but can also take your life in a heartbeat. Check out:

5. Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park - Madagascar

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park is a national park located in Madagascar, Africa. The site is protected by UNESCO, however, it does not need fences or dozens of rangers to protect it.

How about walking in this park formed by stone blades? Source: Reproduction / Flickr Olivier Lejade

It is basically formed by rocks, gigantic stone blades that guarantee the safety of the place. At over 400 square kilometers, it is practically a huge trap.

These huge limestone obelisks are full of sharp spears that can cut anyone, no matter how careful their movements. The park is so insurmountable that biologists call it "biofortaleza", and whenever there is an expedition to the site new species of animals are discovered.

This kind of work, however, is extremely dangerous. If the word “tsingy” means something like “where you don't go barefoot, ” using ordinary climbing gear is not a good idea either.

Rocks everywhere. Source: Reproduction / Marco Zanferrari

According to some scientists who have invested in the park, rocks are capable of chewing on ropes and equipment as easily as eating a piece of meat. And a crush on those tips made of stone shouldn't be pleasant at all, is it?

4. Boiling Lake - Dominica

Dominica is an island located between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. Among its main attractions is a hot, very hot place.

We are talking about Boiling Lake, a lake about 200 feet deep and which, as its name suggests, boils 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Very, very hot waters. Source: Reproduction / George Kourounis

The place does not have those thermal pools, common in several places famous for allowing "therapeutic baths". Here the average water temperature is 197 degrees Celsius - this is from measurements at the site margin.

In the middle of the lake, precise data on the temperatures reached have not been collected yet. The heat is so intense that some people hoist zip lines over the water to cook steamed food.

Boiled eggs in the middle of a glowing lake. Source: Reproduction / Storm Chaser

Did you go there to find out the temperature in the middle of Boiling Lake? So be very careful, because besides the boiling water, there are several risks on the shore, such as the fact that the rocks are very slippery there - and a bath in the place is not recommended.

3. Bolton Strid, Yorkshire - England

At first glance, this stream located in Yorkshire (one of England's most famous historic counties) looks harmless. However, the place hides secrets that can kill any unsuspecting tourist.

Appearances can be deceiving ... Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just walk alongside him to start unlocking his secrets: before presenting this aspect, the creek is actually a large river called the Wharfe. But where does all the water go?

That is where the mystery lies. Although narrow and with a calm and relatively quiet look, the place has very deep waters. And this “down” distance has never been measured, since the current is also much stronger than it seems. In addition, there are a multitude of underwater caves that function as tanks, storing all the water coming from that huge river.

Perhaps because of all this, this small stream, which seems to be easy to pass through, has a 100% mortality rate. That's right, there is no news of anyone surviving a fall in its waters.

2. Afar Triangle - Africa

The Afar Triangle in Africa is considered to be one of the most unstable points on the entire planet earth. The place is between two tectonic plates, the African and the Arabic, and the two are moving apart, causing a great and impressive depression.

Increasing. Source: Reproduction / Harowo

And we are not talking about a simple hole, because beyond its increasing depth, it is also in an active volcanic region. In this way, some say it is possible to hear the noise of incandescent magma moving underground.

In addition, flames of fire formed by flammable gas are common in place, reaching temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. That is, a tumble in the Afar Triangle can not only break your bones, but also cook you alive.

1. Corryvreckan Swirl - Scotland

Swirls are a natural phenomenon more famous in cartoons than in real life. However, this statement may not be so well accepted, at least for Scottish navigators.

The whirlwind never stops! Source: Reproduction / Geograph

The whirlpool is known to be one of the most dangerous and violent on the entire planet: it "works" forever, giving no rest to any vessel. The causes of its continued action are various.

Being positioned between two islands helps, but the main factor is the existence of a large pinnacle, a kind of overhang that rises from the bottom of the sea and goes almost to the surface. Right next to it is a great depression, almost 70 meters deep.

In this way, complex tidal forces and favorable geological formation make the Corryvreckan Whirlpool exist - and never stop working.

Would you risk it? Source: Reproduction / Seafari

On a day with good weather and calm water, you can afford a Scottish boat to take you near the whirlwind. Thus, from a relatively safe distance, you can observe your behavior and all your strength.

Well, for those who have faced a lot of sharp rocks, a bottomless stream, a lake of boiling water and a hole that has sprung up between two tectonic plates, it seems like an easy and easy task ...

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